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How We Work

The typical process of project development is described below. In case if you need our services on a regular basis then you can order our service "Dedicated Development Team".

Analysis of project's requirements

Analysis of project's requirements is one of the most important stages within web development process, which includes:

  • planning workflow
  • time management
  • analysis of requirements

The most important element of the web development process is to find out the goals of a website.

At the stage of defining the aims of website our specialists have intensive communication process with a client through which we will explore processes of your business as well as ask some key questions in order to determine all necessary elements for web development process.

It is important to notice that this stage of process will be efficient and productive only in case if a client and his employees will be ready to communicate and, accordingly, give answers to important for development questions.

Implementation of a project

That stage includes some steps and each step requires to have a Project Manager who will be responsible for effective communication with a client and his team in order to provide mutual exchange of information on constant basis (frequency of meetings can be different) to guarantee the execution of a web site development in accordance with requirements of a client.

  • 1 Design

    This step is conducted by Business Analyst and/or Web Designer where Business Analyst presents Design, Requirements Specifications and wireframes in accordance with wishes of a client and by using this information Web Designer creates 1-3 mockups of design. After that a client has a possibility to review a preliminary design and make some marks. In case if there aren't any marks and/or remarks Web Designer will complete affirmed by a client design of website and will prepare subpages.

  • 2 HTML/Javascript Coding

    HTML/Javascript coder transforms design to HTML code which is comparable to web browsers.

    The code is written in accordance with W3C requirements. Integration is completed by HTML Coder as well and can be different accordingly to the system used for project development.

  • 3 Development

    At this step of development process a core of the website is developed. The development is based, as a rule, on a preliminary chosen and approved by a client platform (e.g. Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento).

  • 4 Quality Assurance and Tweaks

    By the moment when a development process comes to this step a project can be considered as completed, however this step is needed in order to test a project and guarantee efficiency of its work in accordance with requirements and wishes of a client. At this stage some features and elements can be developed as well and added to a project if there is a necessity.

    The accuracy of developed project is checked by using manual and/or automated testing, the automated testing is conducted by automated software in order to analyze load and stress performance.

  • 5 Project Launch

    That step is the last step of web development process when a project can be released to production. At this step some extra testing can be provided as well to provide a guarantee of a stable work of a project as some inconsistency can appear as a result of difference between using during the development and within production.