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6 Ways to Boost Social Media Engagement

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Facebook has 2.2 billion users that are active monthly, and this number keeps growing. Instagram is actively used by 1 billion users every month. The numbers are staggering, aren’t they?

If you want to reach your potential customers and turn them into actual ones, you can’t do this without posting on social media. This goes without saying, and if you have opened this article, you already have social media pages. What’s probably bugging you is how to increase social media engagement, i.e. how to make them efficient, and how to increase your sales.

This task requires proper social media management with comprehensive strategies and tactics that are unique and are developed according to the peculiarities of your business. However, there are some social media tactics that are universal for any kind of business. Social media and sales go hand in hand. We are inviting you to take a look at the top 6 of them in our article.

1. Share Videos

Facebook users watch 100 million hours of videos every day on the platform. So, obviously, this type of content is loved and demanded.
One of the main perks for you is that videos are set to autoplay in the feed. So, if the first few seconds of the video are intriguing for the user, he or she will keep watching.

There are two ways to take advantage of this trend: share videos related to your niche or create your own ones (this is less difficult and costly than it may seem!). Although sharing others’ content is also good for increasing social media engagement (we’ll discuss this below), custom videos are absolutely necessary if you want to play big.

  • You can shoot a video with your smartphone, simple camera or use a fully fledged set of video production tools. If you want it to be done professionally and you don’t have in-house specialists, you can always turn to an agency that specializes in this. Besides, you can also create an animated video.
  • What topics can you cover with a video? Well, it can be anything, from basic how-to and entertaining videos to interviews, behind-the-scenes, ads and promos for your products or services if you are selling on social media, customer testimonials, etc.
  • How long should it be? Aim for 1 minute and 30 seconds – this is the best length for Facebook engagement.
  • As videos are automatically played without sound on Facebook, make sure you include subtitles. The same goes for Instagram.
  • Start the video with an intriguing title that will make users stay and watch the video until the end.
  • Besides, consider making square videos for Facebook specifically. It is the latest trend, and if it has become one, people find such videos appealing.

2. Take Advantage of Hashtags & Tagging

You certainly know how important hashtags are for social media strategy. Using them can help you raise awareness of your brand outside of the bubble of your followers. However, adding 10 hashtags to every post off the top of your head is not going to be efficient for making social media engage more users.

  • Look for the top 10 hashtags that have been the most popular over the past 30 days. Do it regularly to stay on trend.
  • Don’t forget to create personal hashtags that can help your followers find all the posts related to one topic. A perfect hashtag should be simple, unique, relevant, and memorable.

Tagging people and other pages are one of the most efficient social media engagements as it allows showing your post to the followers of the ones you tag. For instance, if you quote someone, tag this person. Bonus points if you create a graphic with the quote. If you are referencing something or someone, appropriate tags can also expand the post’s reach.


3. Like, Share & Comment Yourself

You need to talk to your audience properly. This means that you need not only to post something regularly, but also to reply to the comments, for instance. Besides, it is always a good idea to comment on the posts you were tagged in. Don’t ignore negative customer feedback – reply to it politely and be careful not to engage in a heated argument.

Creating custom content 24/7 can be too costly or unrealistic. So, find content related to your topic (not from your competitors, though), and share it. Besides, this is how you can see what type of content your audience enjoys the most before investing tons of efforts into creating your own videos or infographics.
The secret is simple – if you act like a regular user, you appear to be more human and less abstract. Your brand should have a personality, and you can show it by getting actively engaged on social media.

4. Come Up with Catchy Headlines for Social Media and Sales Posts

You have just a few seconds to catch the user’s attention before he or she scrolls past your post. What you need for this is a good (i.e. unconventional and intriguing) headline.
Such a headline should reflect the content of the text, i.e. what the reader will know after reading it. At the same time, it should evoke a certain emotion – curiosity, surprise or shock, for instance. The more powerful it is, the better.

There are three formats of headlines that you can use: How To…, a list (Top X Ways To…), and a question (Where is the Best Restaurant?). However, we encourage you to be unconventional in your headlines as these formulas are widely used, and your brand needs to stand out.

5. Create a Facebook Group

Social media groups have one purpose – to build communities. You can build a community around your product. Groups have their advantages: users can post their questions there freely, give their feedback, share the content that is interesting for them, etc. In turn, you can ask for feedback on the group, answer the users’ questions, and even share the content from your page.

Your primary task should be creating basic guidelines and an intro explaining what the group is for, and moderating the group. Make sure you do not become a spammer in your group – encourage others to post and share.

6. Hold Contests & Giveaways

People love free stuff, or rather having a chance to get something for free. You can take advantage of this and increase awareness of your brand. If you hold a contest, come up with a task that would be profitable for you in terms of awareness. You could ask people to take a selfie with your product, create a new hashtag for your brand, or anything else.
If you decide to hold a giveaway, make sharing the post and following your page requirements for participating in it. This can make the post go viral pretty easily and create a good basis for further social media selling.

How to Increase Social Media Presence: 5 Bonus Tips

  • Make sure your call to action is clear: encourage people to like and share your posts, leave their comments, or perform any other action clearly. If you are in social media sales and you would like them to buy something, say it and explain why they should do it. People are more likely to follow your call to action (and increase your social media conversion rates) if you explain why they should do it.
  • Use emojis – this makes you look more human (instead of being an abstract company). For instance, a smiley emoji can boost the interaction by 25%, and a grimacing one can increase engagement by 138%.
  • Have a sense of humor. If people laugh at your posts, they are more likely to like and share them. However, be careful with jokes and make sure they are not offensive.
  • Ask your audience questions. Such a no-brainer post can be highly engaging: people are likely to comment, which increases your post’s reach.
  • Use images in every post you create. This one should be obvious, but it is good to remind yourself of it. The images should be styled in a particular way, and they should be high-quality. Create custom graphics with quotes, infographics, etc.

The Bottom Line

Of course, we can’t guarantee that all of the tactics on how to increase social media presence described above will make your social media conversions skyrocket. So, make sure you don’t just mindlessly implement them but rather analyze the stats and see what works and doesn’t work for you. Any strategy should be adjusted according to the current situation inside the enterprise and on the market, and this goes for social media engagement strategies as well.

We encourage you to experiment. Without trying various engagement ideas and failing or succeeding, you will never be able to find the tactics that will multiply your profits in the long term.

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