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Best things to do if you run out of ideas for your social media pages

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Blogs and pages on popular social media networks have become part of a daily routine for every self-respecting merchant. This is not just a plain self-expression and creativity issue – blogs and quality content play an important role in your web store’s SEO and conversions.

Apart from that, an active social page raises customer trust and enables you to communicate with them in real time, solving any problems and informing them of your new items, campaigns or giveaways. That’s why keeping up your social media pages is essential and must be done constantly.

Social media posts for online stores usually include the latest news, interesting facts or discussions concerning your brand niche or other amusing material. The main features of a post should have a quality text and images and relevant information. What should you do if you run out of social media content ideas?



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If you feel like you have too few social media post ideas the main rule is to keep posting. A blog where the last posts were created ages ago is not trustworthy, so you should fill your page with some other entertaining or informative content. Here is a list of things you can do if you lack content ideas for social media.

  • Share your old social media posts once again

This might seem odd, but sometimes it does no harm if you post your old material again, especially if you take it from another social media page. This should not be done too often but sometimes it does help.

  • Launch a campaign

There is nothing more attention-drawing than a nice campaign or a giveaway for customers. This event will allow you to generate a lot of posts and will keep visitors at your pages even if there’s nothing new.

  • Share and repost

There’s nothing wrong with reposting someone else’s content if you find it interesting for your followers. Retweet or share such posts and you’ll be appreciated by fellow bloggers as well.

  • Communicate with customers

Sometimes it’s time for your followers to talk. Ask them to share their experience of certain situations, ask for their photos (you can even launch a photo competition and pick the winner together). Thus your blog will be teeming with new topics and your customers will be engaged in them, which increases their loyalty.

These strategies will help you keep your social media content on a steady level. In case you decide to take a break, warn your followers about it and greet them when you return explaining why there were no fresh posts.

How to make original content - things to post for your blogs to look awesome

The quality of your content is the key factor for your social media pages’ success. For your posts to attract followers they must be good-looking, catching and diverse.

original content

If you don’t know how to make original content, you can hire a specialist who will control your social media blogs or do it on your own. Once you’ve started it gets easier, so creating posts on your own is worth trying. We’ve mentioned the most frequently used topic ideas that are likely to get many clicks.

Special tools

There are a bunch of services that display the most popular articles on a certain subject. If you have no social media ideas, type a topic connected with your brand and see which relevant themes are the most appealing to users.

Pay attention to titles

A proper headline for an article draws the most attention and appears on top of the search list. Study the best examples of titles and develop your own that will raise interest to your posts. The headlines must be brief and concrete urging visitors to open your webpage.

Study the feedback to each of your posts

Content marketing is not always something that works perfectly on the first attempt. Learn which titles and topics cause the most effect and make ideas for social network pages that will interest the audience. Everything matters: the visual component, your writing skills and the theme covered.

Creating tactics on content marketing - best topic ideas

Running out of topics to talk about is a frequent problem. Like in an ordinary conversation there sometimes occurs a sense of awkward silence when you don’t know what to tell to the audience. No need to panic – define the most successful media content ideas and share them in turn. Not only will this help you keep up your blogs, but it’ll make your social network pages diverse and eye-catching.

content marketing

Let’s focus on the most appealing post ideas for your blogs to look brilliant.

Regular post series

It will look professional and amusing if you launch a weekly or monthly series of posts related to a certain topic. For instance, as a merchant, you can share the bestseller of the week or create a live discussion with your followers that will be dedicated to a currently popular issue.

Video posts

One of the winning trends of this year is video posts, ads etc. They attract the most followers and gain the most shares. Modern tools for video clip creation are not that complicated and require no special skills, so trying to add some fresh video material to your pages is a reasonable idea.

Another nice topic is video tutorials. They are extremely popular today: make your own dedicated to your store’s niche and you’ll definitely get a lot of views and clicks. Life hacks, food recipes, design or makeup ideas – anything that visitors will find funny or educational will be interesting for your followers.

Live videos are also at the top today – create them and talk to your customers in real time to raise conversions. Today this type of video is extremely popular and is much more frequently viewed by users, so don’t miss the chance.

Cooperate with fellow brands

It’s always easier to make fresh ideas if you work together with some other creative minds. Find brands to cooperate with and launch campaigns with them, share their posts and increase the effect on your target audience.

Posts dedicated to holidays and events

It’s important to keep up with current events. Write posts concerning holidays and offer well wishes to your followers on them, share your opinion on currently discussed issues and problems and ask for your visitors’ opinions on them. Not only serious posts are related to this strategy: create memes and share funny photos. It’s always nice to look at something that makes people smile.

Tag-a-friend posts

These types of posts shouldn’t be overused but they are a nice opportunity to attract the largest audience to a topic without effort. The topics for “tag-a-friend” posts are endless – anything can be used for that.


The good thing about social media is that these networks let you increase your target audience without expensive tools or campaigns. To keep up with the trends and get followers, pay attention to your content. Media posts are a powerful tool that should not be underestimated. Get new ideas, post regularly and your web store will not be ignored by potential customers.

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