Black Friday eCommerce sales and Cyber Monday Sales Strategies on Shopify

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Holiday season starting with Thanksgiving Day provides great opportunities for Shopify eCommerce stores owners. General statistics for Black Friday eCommerce sales in 2016 boggles the mind: 3.34 Billion was spent, which is 21,6 % year-to-year growth. For store owners, Black Friday Shopify sales level provides great opportunity to get high profit and to earn a great reputation among customers. Cyber Monday eCommerce sales in 2016 run at $ 3.39 Billion – 10,2 % year-to-year growth.


Black Friday Shopify Sales and Cyber Monday Ecommerce Performance in Several Simple Steps

At the same time, it is a harsh lesson for online stores. The whole process must be organized with the high level of performance. Some strategies and tricks will be helpful in this process.

1st Step
Black Friday eCommerce sales and Cyber Monday Sales Strategies on Shopify

Black Friday Shopify Sales and Cyber Monday Email Campaign for Ecommerce Businesses

Letter writing holds sway nowadays, especially during BFCM period. What information can you give in the email in order to attract customers attention within holiday season?

 Simple approach: announcement email. Easy-to-use way of convincing Shopify customer to participate in your Black Friday Cyber Monday campaign is to offer storewide sales. This strategy can be applied only by those sellers, who are sure of their financial stability;

 Gift with a minimum order amount. Black Friday and Cyber Monday season is the time of gifts. Use this opportunity to communicate with customers and to increase the average value of the order without making storewide sale. Different promotion schemes with gifts can be organized with the help of Upsell for Products – Buy X Get Y app (14 Days Free Trial);

Contest or giveaway campaign. Competition is always exciting, especially during holiday turmoil. Give each buyer the possibility to win the prize, and they will react appropriately;

The impression of scarcity. Phrases like “almost sold out” or “moving fast” will enhance customers to make more quick purchasing decisions. You can set different time limits in Shopify using Sales Countdown Timer Bar app (14 Days Free Trial).

2nd Step
Black Friday eCommerce sales and Cyber Monday Sales Strategies on Shopify

Shipping strategy

High sales level is great, but the indispensable condition of the successful Black Friday Cyber Monday Shopify campaign is the right organizing of shipping process. Special marketing tips should be taken into account, and each step should be planned in order to save time.

Buy and print shipping labels and stock up on supplies. These simple steps can be made in advance, which will increase the overall efficiency level substantially;

Think through type of shipping: free or flat rate. Free shipping is very attractive for customers, but it is also connected with high costs for sellers.

The intermediate option is to offer it for definite customers: loyal or those who buy the definite amount of goods. Shopify app Free Shipping & Hello Bar (14 Days Free Trial) is designed exactly for these needs. Flat rate shipping can also be used during BFCM campaign. It involves the use of the single rate without regard to the purchase amount;

Do not forget to add weights to products and to market all options, prices and cutoff dates. Over communication is not dangerous during holiday season, that is why tell about shipping details through email, banners and popups. For example, Popup Upsell on Exit & Visit (14 Days Free Trial) app for Shopify allows to create attractive popups.;

3rd Step
Black Friday eCommerce sales and Cyber Monday Sales Strategies on Shopify

Social media campaign

Modern people pass the great amount of time in social networks. Use this way of promoting your BFCM offers. Do not try to cover all available networks, just choose 1-2 which are the most efficient in terms of revenue and engagement.

Prepare in advance, think about shipping and landing page. There are some efficient strategies which will help you to boost sales of your ecommerce store on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Use humor: it attracts attention and triggers the emotional reaction. Good mood and pleasant associations lowers the resistance to influence, which helps to rise BFCM conversion rates;

Deals with potential clients work well always, especially when the conditions of sale are advantageous for them. Make social media posts with the time limitation of specials or scarcity of goods. Get more ideas of different offers on BFCM at our previous post;

Retargeting ads. Holiday season makes customers more sensitive to advertising, especially on social media, where the attention is dispersed. Use this opportunity with a view to boosting sales of your ecommerce business on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

P.S. The right combination of these strategies will provide the best result of your BFCM campaign. Prepare yourself carefully, and make holidays the most profitable time for your business.

Ruslan Schukin

Ruslan Schukin

Ruslan is a Shopify App Expert and Product Marketing Manager at SpurIT with a relentless focus on customers and customer needs as he provides new eCommerce apps for Shopify to market. Ruslan has nearly a decade of experience in marketing and business development in both corporate and start-up environments.

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