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How to Build an eCommerce Website on a Small Budget

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Many modern startups and businesses are underpinned by an eCommerce website. If you are looking to join their ranks but are concerned about your budget, this guide is for you. Building an eCommerce website doesn’t have to be a difficult or expensive process. Here’s how you can launch a successful eCommerce website without going overboard on your budget.

Don’t Neglect Your SEO


Search engine optimization (SEO) is an absolutely essential aspect of contemporary web design. A website’s SEO score will determine how high it is listed in search results for relevant keyword searches. Given that search engines are responsible for generating the majority of traffic on the internet, any website which neglects their SEO is throwing away potential customers.

While there are certainly merits to hiring a professional business to handle your SEO for you, there are also a number of things that you can do on your own initiative, for little to no cost, that will enhance your SEO score.


Test the Waters Before Committing to Your Marketing


Working on a smaller budget inevitably means that you will have to make some difficult choices, especially when it comes to marketing. You need to make every penny count, and so launching a full-blown ad campaign without first taking the time to research your options is a sure-fire way to overspend where you don’t need to.

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Instead, take advantage of Google AdWords or AdRoll. Both of these services will allow you to test out your ads before you make a serious financial commitment.


Use a Website Builder


The longer your website spends in development, the more expensive it’s going to get. Not only that, but time spent building your website is time that you aren’t earning any money from it. You want to get your website off the ground and running as soon as possible.

To this end, it is often prudent to use a website building tool. Even if you are capable of designing and building a website yourself from scratch, using a tool like the Webeden website builder can save you a considerable amount of time and money.


Don’t Overcomplicate Your Website


It’s easy to understand the temptation to build a flashy website with a whole load of bells and whistles that aren’t really needed. Many people think that the more complex a websites’ design, the more advanced the website itself is. In reality, an overly complex website is just that, overly complex.


When we go shopping online, we want as smooth and as simple an experience as possible. None of us wants to have to spend ages just to figure out how to navigate and use the website. Using a website builder will help to reduce the chances of going overboard, but if you aren’t careful with your design, it’s still possible to stray into this territory.

Take PR Seriously

Your eCommerce business will have the best chance of success if you are able to foster a positive image of it from the very beginning. Never underestimate the value of good public relations. When your business has grown some, you may well want to invest in a professional PR company to manage your public relations.

However, when you are just starting out and working with a limited budget, you will want to do as much of this on your own, as possible. Social media has made managing PR much easier for small businesses. Through your business social media pages, you can interact directly with individual customers and manage your own customer relations quite effectively. Just be mindful that in every interaction that you have on social media, you will be representing your business, as well as, yourself.

The internet has been revolutionary for entrepreneurs. Not only has it made innumerable high-quality resources available to them, it has provided a whole new platform upon which they can interact with their customers and sell their services. You don’t need a big budget to build a successful eCommerce business. All you need is a considered approach.

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