How to pick the Best Color Scheme for your Web Store in 10 minutes: free instrument for specialists with no design experience

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One of the most challenging tasks for ecommerce business owners is choosing the perfect color combination for your new web store. This task requires design skills and practical experience. But what if you do not have a design team, or you are not a strong designer? Or what if you have just hired a freelance designer who does not pick an attractive color scheme? Different things may happen, so it is crucial to have a backup plan.

The Coolors software tool solves this problem by enabling you to check your designer’s work or pick colors for a website by yourself. Coolors is completely free and does not require any outside help.


Let’s figure out why do you need it

Picking a wrong color scheme for a website is quite a common problem, and even experienced web entrepreneurs make mistakes when selecting colors. Some of the reasons behind this problem include:

  • A person does not understand that problem actually exists,
  • A person recognizes the problem, but does not understand its importance for business,
  • A person recognizes the problem and understands the importance to solve it.

So, why do you need a perfect color scheme? Well, first of all, an attractive color scheme is more like to increase your profit. If you still have some doubts about the importance of picking the right color scheme, you can find ample information about this topic on the web. For example, changing the color of a single button is able to increase the website conversion from 3% to 5%. Now we will briefly describe the psychological influence of colours and a tool for their selection.

In addition, here is a brief overview about the effect of color on human emotion and how you can use this information to your advantage in creating your website.

Perception of individual colors and human’s associations

Certain colors have a great capability to influence the human mind. Here are some examples:

  • Red

The color red can capture a person’s attention immediately. It can even increase blood circulation, respiration rate, and the speed of metabolism! People associate the color red with energy and power, as well as danger. Red’s high level of visibility is the reason why important website buttons, like Click Here or Buy Now, and even some road signs are painted red. Different shades of red have their own meanings. For example, pink is perfect for a romantic color scheme, dark red is associated with leadership, and brown is associated with stability.

  • Orange

This color is associated with joy and sunshine, as well as warmth and hospitality. Emotions like happiness and concepts like creativity and success are represented by color orange. It has been proven that orange stimulates mental activity and appetite. On the other hand, orange can also symbolize distrust, and gold is associated with wealth and prestige.

  • Yellow

Intelligence and joy come to mind when looking at the color yellow. Yellow generates muscle energy, but too much yellow can cause anxiety. A lighter shade of yellow is associated with sickness and jealousy. Bright yellow is attention-grabbing. Green
Green stimulates a sense of growth, peace, and environmentalism. In essence, it is the color of nature. Also, the color green is tightly bound with the feeling of safety. It is believed that green has the power to heal. Additionally, green is associated with finance and money. Dark green is the color of ambition, yellow-green of sickness, and aqua of protection.

  • Blue

Blue is a calming color that causes a feeling of inner peace. Sky and sea, depth and stability come to mind when looking at this color. The color blue is also associated with trust, confidence, truth, and even heaven. It has the ability to slow metabolism and suppress the appetite. Light-blue indicated health, and the darker shade indicates severity.

  • Purple

As a combination of blue and red, purple combines its main associations as well. It represents stability and energy, two in one. Power, luxury, and dignity are the associations that come with this color. Purple is a rather rare color in nature, and it is able to evoke nostalgia and sadness.

  • White

Light and purity are represented by the color white. It is even called “the color of perfection”. It can symbolize a successful beginning and safety, or represent simplicity, purity, virginity, and medicine.

  • Black

In western countries, black creates an atmosphere of power and elegance, ) but also can be associated with evil and death. The combination of black with other powerful colors is aggressive and repulsive.

Combining colors is an even more difficult question than choosing your brand’s signature color. But still, these decisions greatly influence your business greatly and can be easily solved with Coolors.

A person’s subconscious decision about whether to buy on your website or not is based on the color scheme.

Coolors: what is it and how to use it

Coolors is a great free software tool for those who are tired of looking for skilled web designers or trying to pick a color scheme without any help. You can use this website with no previous design experience! Coolors provides you with the option to create various color combinations on the basis of your brand color. If you want to make a decision even faster and easier, you can use one of the readymade color schemes.

This service is really easy to use. Here are main steps to create a color scheme that will ensure a high quality design and business success:

  • Sign up!

To get the access to the whole functionality of Coolors, you need to authorize the software on your computer.

  • Say Hello to color schemes

After the authorization, you can go to the page where the color schemes are presented. Click on the spacebar to see the next swatch of colors.

  • Try the features

There are 5 main features in Coolors.

  1. Encode your own color option.
  2. Click on the lock, and Coolors will offer you options based on your brand color.
  3. If you do not know the color encode, you can choose it visually.
  4. With the help of button #4, you can quickly drag colors to the right or left.
  5. Click on the button #5 to see different shades. You can choose either a lighter or darker tint.

One more point of interest is the Generator Settings button. Activate the Monochromatic option and view tints of a defined color just by clicking the spacebar. This is a convenient and incredibly fast way to pick a color scheme that would fit your web business perfectly!

Note that you can use Coolor for different purposes, including:

  • Selecting the best color scheme for your web solution,
  • Finding the best colors for the Quantity app,
  • Choosing colors for particular items of your brand store.

The colorful Bottom Line

Web design is tricky for many web store owners. But the right color scheme is the core of the website’s success. So stop underestimating the importance of color and make some aesthetic changes to your site that will have a positive influence on your business.

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