Shopify benefits: main reasons to choose the platform

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This piece is not one of those “if you don’t implement our tips, you won’t meet your sales targets” kind of articles. It rather tells you that the potential profit you could earn in addition to your standard targets (which doesn’t involve this app combinations) might well stay unearned.

The first point I’d like to get across isthat there should be a healthy understanding that the incorporation of some app or another will barely boost your growth, whereas the involvement of a proper, efficient combination of apps can boost your store’s profit significantly.


Take a look at this little plan review

Just so you can see the difference between an obvious profit and a potential one. Here is my children’s products web-store’s average data on usual weekdays:

Visitors per day
5 000
Average check
Orders per day
Gross Profit per day
$7 180

Based on 7 years of data – on Black Friday, on average, sales conversion increases by 50%, the traffic figures increase by 2.5 times, and the average order value decreases by 20%.

Of course, your data may differ,

each store has its own specifics and I’m just using my store’s average data as an example. The example’s point is to demonstrate how profitability may differ before and after the incorporation of this app combination. This is the statistical data of my store from the first day of Black Friday 2015:

Visitors per day
10 490
Average check
Orders per day
Gross Profit per day
$16 955

Everything seems okay, with the doubled profit and whatnot. But I’m starting to feel a bit funny in the head realizing that I could earn even MORE.

So, how did I change my strategy and increase profit on Black Friday 2016?

Having analyzed the previous Black Friday, I stumbled across the fact that the average order size constantly lowers in value. So I thought – “by how much can the profit be increased if the average order value stays unchanged?”. I set myself the task to, not increase, but to at least keep the average order value unchanged so it would be equal to the average order value on an ordinary weekday.

I managed to do that – the average order value from the previous B.F. was $102. Eventually, I got the following data from 1 day of sales in 2016:

Visitors per day
12 500
Average check
Orders per day
Gross Profit per day
$27 320

In summary, I earned much more than I did in 2015. Keep in mind that I wasn’t reinventing the wheel, I just conducted an analysis, picked the apps that helped increase average order value, and implemented them.

So, which applications did I implement, and how were they used?

What’s its purpose?

You can apply discounts and set their time limits for hundreds of products in just 30 minutes with its help. I don’t know about you, but I have around 1,000 products and applying appropriate discounts for all of my goods could take me a couple of days.

Personally, I’m all for any kind of automation that frees up some time while showing results. If you have the same idea, this app will definitely suit your needs.

Discount Manager
Discount Manager
Discount Manager

What’s its purpose?

The application displays a small table on the product page, under the “cart” button (any other place on the product page can be chosen). The table enables you to provide active discounts for not 1, but 3, 4, or 5 (according to settings) product items simultaneously.

For instance, if 1 product item costs $30, 2 items – $50, 4 items – $85. This makes for a great visual price comparison. It is, indeed, better to purchase 4 items for 85 bucks than 1 for $30.

It worked pretty well in practice. The app is very easy to integrate and configure. Just dedicate a few hours to adjust everything and you will certainly increase your average order value. A must use on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Quantity Discount & Tiered Pricing

What’s its purpose?

This app’s goal is to offer a customer a complementary product after the initial purchase was confirmed. Loosely speaking – buying a phone, you will most likely want to buy a case and a glass protector with it.

How did I apply it to my store?

I outlined the product groups that would fit as an addition to the original order. E.g. the people purchasing the children’s gowns often bought socks and shirts as an extra. In addition to children’s jumpers, customers also bought hats, gloves, sweatshirts, and pants.

Find the complementary products in your store and apply the app. A Black Friday must-use.

Upsell for Products – Buy X Get Y

What’s its purpose?

When a customer adds a product to cart and leaves without inputting his contact information, a bar appears on the top of the site that reminds them of the product in the cart. It also flashes in the browser’s tab.

If you couldn’t influence these people in any way before, now you have an opportunity to recapture the attention of 5-10% users and get them to finish the purchase, or at least fill out the form.

A must-use on Black Friday as well as on your usual weekdays.

Abandoned Cart Reminder

P.S. My reviews and recommendations come to an end here. Whether you choose to implement the recommended applications or not is your personal choice.

Have fun and earn as much profit as you can on Black Friday this year!

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