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We make your marketing measurable. Start saving before launching a new business or activity – get a clear understanding of your competitors and the budget you need for success. Make smart decisions based on complex data analysis – no guesswork needed.

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    Digital Marketing Audit

    All-in-one strategy for lead generation

    We combine Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads, and Facebook/Instagram Ads to help your business grow.

    This can be the best investment you ever make if you:

    • launch a new service and need a clear estimate of the budget needed;
    • want to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing;
    • scale up to new markets and get a clear idea of your competitive environment;
    • start a business and choose the right niche;
    • have an established offline business, and want to figure out whether going online is worth the cost;
    • any other reasons that you want to go digital.

    Get a comprehensive outline of everything digital, custom-tailored to your business:

    • which digital channels to use for maximum profit with minimal spending;
    • the right budgeting to get optimum results, and when to expect those results;
    • how to optimize your current marketing activities and save funds to generate new sales.
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    No vague, generic recommendations – just data, analytics, and real numbers. Invest in your business and optimize your future business costs. Having a clearly outlined digital strategy gives you a competitive advantage, saves time and money, and helps make your business smart.

    Let us save your budget.


      Digital marketing audit that works

      Benefits of having it done:

      You have all digital marketing channels with an estimate of the funds you need to succeed in each channel

      You can choose the most cost-efficient ways of promotion, based on comprehensive research

      You have a full team of dedicated digital marketing professionals without the need to hire and manage a large marketing team

      You save time and money, and earn profits faster

      We analyze your website, define your top competitors, and give your clear vision of the ways they promote in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). In the end you have the understanding of what you need to do to outrank them and how much you need to spend.

      Benefits of having it done:

      • you know whether this channel suits your business. This will prevent loss of expenditure on SEO-related activities with little or no return, potentially totalling thousands of dollars;
      • you get a clear idea of the competitors’ environment which gives you a great advantage;
      • you have an estimated budget for achieving efficient SEO-results;
      • you have a time-frame for your website to start driving sales.

      Scope of work we perform:

      • define the most relevant search queries on the website;
      • make intersections of search queries within different clusters;
      • identify the main niche leadersin the Search Engine Results Page;
      • analyze main competitors’ websites according to a number of factors, and more.

      Whether you already run Google Ads campaigns or are just getting started with paid advertising, our Google Ads report can help you. We can analyze your current ads or prepare business projections on the required budget, and estimate how many customers can be acquired in your business niche.

      Benefits of having it done:

      • you know whether this channel suits your business. This will potentially save thousands of dollars which may have been wasted on Google Ads with little or no return;
      • you optimize budget and save money on irrelevant clicks.

      Scope of work we perform:

      • analyze all Google ads channels for your Shopify store;
      • determine how accurately Google Analytics (GA) and conversion goals were set up;
      • revise “cost per click” and automatic bidding strategy;
      • provide a vast array of additional services

      Whether you currently run Facebook /Instagram ads campaigns or are just getting started with paid advertising, our Facebook/ Instagram Ads report can assist you. We analyze your current ads or prepare business projections on the budget required, and can estimate how many customers can be procured in your business niche.

      Benefits of having it done:

      • you can obtain a comprehensive overview of how your competitors are positioning themselves;
      • you can estimate an advertising budget required for sustainable results.

      Scope of work we perform:

      • Check how well your Ads and creatives are optimized on Instagram;
      • Analyze how your competitors are promoting themselves;
      • Provide a detailed overview of how effective your current campaigns are.

      To promote a business successfully, you need clear insight into your marketing prospects – your competitors, your business niche, and the channels that work for you. We provide this insight by obtaining the latest data, analyzing it, and compiling these results into a comprehensive analysis to drive your business to success.


      is the cost of our marketing audit with additional bonus for future digital promotion if you choose to continue working with us.

      It’s like having your own in-house marketing team, only better.



        What if I don’t need all the services listed here, or require additional help?

        There’s no one-size-fits-all solution because each audit is tailored to fit specific business needs and is unique. We’ll propose an optimal approach after examination your business and its niche market.

        What if I’m just starting out?

        In this case a business strategy audit will help you see how much exactly you’ll need to invest in your business to get profits and create a future-proof budget. If the numbers won’t suit you, you’ll save much effort, time, and money beforehand, and will be able to choose products that will perform better.

        Does this work for already established businesses?

        Sure. From Basic to Shopify Plus plans, there’s always a way for your company to grow. The audits in each case will be different, but will outline the best and most cost-effective ways to scale up your business.

        How much does it cost?

        Every audit, like every business, is unique, so there’s no standard price. To have your project estimated, please contact us. After we examine the project, we’ll be able to provide you with the exact scope of work needed and the time needed.


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