Buy Abandoned cart reminder to succeed

Unless you have a breakthrough idea of a Shopify app, the team able to convert it into a working solution, and a killer marketing plan, you may invest in purchasing the existing up-and-coming app.

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About application

  • Abandoned cart reminder bar

    Bring back your store visitors with reminder tabs. Increase revenue by adding urgency to your cart.

  • Tabs 100% match your store

    Total design control to match your brand. Change the size, color, etc. of the font and background.

  • Increase revenue & boost sales

    Grab customers’ attention and motivate them to buy more. Drive sales & keep customers engaged.

Why buy Abandoned Cart Reminder

What does it look like now?

The app with a proven 5 years track record and trust, a 4.8-star rating, an attractive URL, and positive 80+ reviews.

What is inside?

The app was build using the following tech stack: PHP, CakePHP2, JavaScript, jQuery. Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is $234 as for the July 2022.

What you will get?

Workpiece for further enhancement. Not just an app, but opportunities to rate at the TOP of abandoned cart apps. And how to reveal it is only up to you.

Areas for growth

After buying the app at a compelling price, you may enhance it by yourself or with our outsourcing services.
But be aware that we already have a detailed estimate of the niche’s market leader functionality implementation.

  • Push notifications

    Custom browser notifications to encourage visitors to return.

  • Email notifications

    Custom email notifications to encourage visitors to return.

  • SMS notifications

    Custom SMS notifications to encourage visitors to return.

  • Automation

    A flow of different types of notifications (push, email, and SMS) to organize the maximum effect of abandoned cart recovery.

  • Opt-in Popup

    Pop-up templates to collect phone numbers and email addresses before visitors even reach the checkout page.

  • Analytics

    Several dashboards with data collected over time.

Purchase options

What you’ll get:

The app for FREE, subject to payment for our services. Here we are focused on long-term cooperation and are quite flexible on the price. All details are discussed individually.

What you’ll get:

The full ownership of the app; listing on the Shopify App Store, including content, visuals, URL, reviews, and comments.