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Featured products & collections on Shopify

You can highlight some products in your Shopify store by marking them “featured”, and then they will be displayed in a special “Featured products” section.
Adding featured products on homepage is possible through Shopify admin. If you later need to change something, just return there and edit those featured products again.

Is also possible to add featured products to any page (not only your homepage), for example you may add featured products at the end of each blog post, but it will require additional changes to the corresponding liquid templates.

On Shopify you can also show related products and it’s a great option to increase your store’s conversions.

Adding related products on Shopify

Related items are the ones that are similar to the one that is in focus or complement it in any way (for example, related products to a dress can be either similar-looking dresses, or bags and shoes that match)

To display similar products you’ll need to do Shopify suggested additional coding or install an app from the Shopify App Store. These apps can help you not only show related products on a cart or any other page, but also sort them by tag or vendor.

There are two ways to show related products – like a limited set of pictures or like a slideshow, where customers can click on an arrow at the side and look through as many products as they want (this way you can display related products by collection).

Creating a related products slider on Shopify is possible by editing the theme code or by installing an app. The same can be applied to featured product slider as well.

How to create a featured collection on Shopify

To add featured collections on homepage go to your Shopify Admin (featured collections are created from there as well) and do it from there, but if you want to display the collection on your product page or any other page except from the homepage, it will require a bit of custom coding.

Featured collections slider is another good way to present your products on Shopify, but it also requires editing of your code theme.

Shopify related products code – where to find?

You can find some code samples and how-to guides in the Shopify Community.

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    We used SPURIT for several Shopify eCommerce projects and every time we’ve been overly satisfied with their technical skills and experience.

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