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Shopify enables you to change product prices manually from your store’s admin. It can be done individually or in bulk for all product variants at once. Both options are available in Shopify by default and make editing the price quite easy. Other options, like hiding or adding the “compare at” prices, are available from your store’s admin as well.

However, if you need more than the basic Shopify options, there are two ways to implement the functionality you need: you can try an app from a Shopify App Store, or modify the code of your theme. Which way to choose depends on the specifics of your task and the theme you are currently using.

Different apps from the Shopify ecosystem offer different functionality, and we recommend you do some research to find the one that would solve your challenge. Editing the theme’s code would be a better option for the small changes that can be implemented quickly. In this case, you settle the issue once and for all without the recurring payments, which may be more cost-efficient in the long run.

We can help you implement price customizations that go beyond the standard Shopify settings by modifying the code of your theme. Just order the small task and have the functionality you need, as simple as that!

2 reviews for Edit Product Price

  1. Austin Smith

    I had problems to find a Shopify Expert to customize some special pricing calculations. The SpurIT team responded and did exactly what I needed. True professionals!

  2. Jacy Soliz

    I have been working with SpurIT periodically for two years now, addressing with their help different tasks. This time I needed a display price range on the products page of my bedding store. Everything was done as always quickly and at an adequate price. I never felt like my business was forgotten or pushed aside to make room for bigger clients. I would highly recommend!

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