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How to Add Reviews to your Shopify Store

Adding product reviews is a great way to increase conversions and build relationships with your customers by getting their feedback.
You can add and remove reviews on Shopify by installing an app from the Shopify App Store.

Product reviews customization on Shopify

Usually, product reviews apps provide many customization options that can be applied without editing the theme code. But if your business requires a specifically customized reviews page and these preset options are not enough, you can go to your Shopify admin and edit your liquid page layout from there. Some of the necessary product review code samples you can find in Shopify Help Center.

Photo reviews on Shopify

Enabling your customers to complete product reviews with images is a great way to build trust among your audience. You can allow displaying photos with your customers’ reviews by installing an app.

Import reviews on Shopify

If you’ve got reviews on other platforms, there’s a possibility to import them to your store. You can import Aliexpress, Amazon or Etsy reviews to Shopify with the help of a product review app by choosing the corresponding tab. The same is true for any other major platforms, like Google Shopping.


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