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Product personalization on Shopify

Product personalization is the possibility to add custom elements to the items in an online store.

When customers can change a live product preview by adding their own texts and images, they interact with your store much more actively, which boosts store engagement and increases conversions.

There are two types of personalized products on Shopify:

  • partially customized, where the customer adds only several elements to the product you sell;
  • completely built from scratch, where the customer chooses every element of the final product.

To allow customizing products in a Shopify store, you need to install one of the product personalizer apps.

Product customizer on Shopify

Product customizer apps (sometimes also called product designers) help to create custom clothing, jewelry, cell-phone cases and many more. For example, customers can design a T-shirt or add engraving to a piece of jewelry, and the dynamic product preview will show the final version of the customized product.

There’s also a possibility to create custom orders and custom order statuses to keep your customers informed on the status order, this can also be done by an app or by customizing the theme code.

Custom product builder on Shopify

The next level of product customization is building your own product from scratch. Product builder apps allow your customers to choose everything from the very beginning, like the product model, its shape, style or any other element that can be customized.

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5.0 rating
March 16, 2020

SpurIT added product personalization to my online store. They did exactly what I needed in the time frame specified.

Christopher D.
5.0 rating
February 26, 2020

I manufacture eco-leather straps and sell Apple watches. And I needed a product customizer, with which customers could choose the straps and watches to their taste. Spurit helped me with that. Everything works just as I wanted it to.

Mikayla Caldieraro
5.0 rating
February 17, 2020

We are pleased with the work. Thank you!

Martin Luck
5.0 rating
January 30, 2020

5 stars.

Sarian Dunn
5.0 rating
December 24, 2019

The work done by Spurit for us is above expectation. I highly recommend this company.

Jayme Kruse