Below is research data from what our customers have reported sells the best. You can place these products on landing pages, offer them in a bundle or as an additional popup after placing a certain product to a cart.

For some or all product added to cart:

Offer gift wrapping

  • You can also place a bar on the top of your webstore informing customers of available wrapping (here is popular app Free Shipping & Hello Bar that will help you place this bar).
  • Suggest Golden, Red, etc. colors for wrap variants in the popup that appears at the checkout.
  • There are many apps that can help you implement the “Buy Product, get a relevant one“. For example, Upsell for Products will offer a customer relevant/discounted/free products at the checkout, and you get 7 days trial period.

Make product collections for gifts

  • Analyze what products from your stock can make a good present, and place them to a “Gift” collection. Then place the whole collection on sale. This way not only will you make it easier for a customer to choose gifts, but you’ll add an additional incentive by mentioning that all the Gifts have a Special Holiday Discount.
  • To Quickly place the Whole collection on sale, you can use a great app Discount Sales Scheduler, which will allow you to add the same discount percentage or amount to the whole collection and specify when the prices will go on sale and go back to their original values.
  • It will only take 2-3 minutes to change all the prices, vs. hours if you were to do it manually. Of course it works not only for collections, but also for products selected individually.

During Holidays season people are shopping for gift for their loves ones:

  • Make several Thematic collections, such as:
    • Thanksgiving Gifts for Dad or Mom
    • Specials for Colleagues or Boss
    • Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend, Boyfriend and etc.
  • Internet discussion groups are filled with questions like “what should I give to my…?” Help your customers to quickly solve this problem by creating thematic sale collections and earn more!

Bundle similar or thematic products

  • We all know that now everybody is busy, yet it’s still important to make a small gift to a friend or a colleague. To not waste a customer’s time, you can encourage them to quickly purchase several similar gifts for their friends or colleagues, once they choose a product they like, offer them a bundle with such products. It can also be different variations, sizes or colors. You can give helpful hints, e.g. “make several presents to different friends/relatives/colleagues“.
  • You can offer these additional products right when a customer is looking at a product and hasn’t added it to a cart yet. See an example on this site.

Upsell Bundles app will help you to make such an offer.

  • Alternatively, you can offer same or similar products at the Checkout. Use Upsell for Products app to implement this.

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