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What is Crowdfunding Manager about?

Main Features of the Shopify Donation App

Fully customizable design

Create a unique widget design that suits your needs using an excellent comprehensive editor with an online preview feature.

Unlimited number of campaigns

Create as many campaigns as you want without any limits.You can choose from either an amount or quantity goal for your campaign.

Continue or finish the campaign if you reach the goal

Automatically finish the campaign if the date is reached or do it manually if it should be finished before the date is reached. The campaign can be automatically continued after the date or desired amount is reached.

Automatic email notifications

Inform your clients about the campaign status by sending them automatic email notifications.

Set up several backing options with different amounts

Create as many backing options as you wish to give customers more opportunities to support your campaign.

Full statistics about each campaign

See full statistics about each campaign including orders and their details.

Why Use the Donation App?

Ever wanted to start your own crowdfunding campaign? Now it’s easy with the Shopify crowdfunding app. This tool allows you to select products from your store to participate in the campaign, and also provides visible statistics on donations, goals, and current sums.

Do you feel like it’s a good idea to use the Shopify donation app? We have already developed such a solution for your store. The Shopify crowdfunding manager enables both donation and pre-order campaigns according to your wishes and needs. The selected product will be attributed with the “Fund It Now” or “Donate” buttons, though their names can be changed just like every piece of text on the widget. The design, the content, and several funding options with some money amounts to pledge are fully customizable. In addition, you’ll be able to see stats for each funding amount on the product page.

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User Reviews

“This crowdfunding app is phenomenal. It has helped scale my business.”


“Excellent and fun way to raise revenue on new products! Very easy to integrate!”


“This app works well with my crowdfunding project. Thanks!”

Selfie Imagewear

“The app gives you what you need. It’s highly customisable.”

Brnt Designs

“Very happy with this app and it’s ability to select any product I would like to use in a crowd funding campaign.”

Guardsred Design

“I love this app for management of crowdfunding campaigns. It totally runs our store…”

Saint Harridan

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