Shopify app development
to nail your workflow

We build more than just apps – we create solutions that make
complex business processes easy.

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    stores use our products

  • 39

    eCommerce in-house apps

  • 10+

    years of real-life experience

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39 eCommerce in-house apps

Most of the apps you need to make your store succeed, all under one roof.

  • Marketing and conversion
  • Selling products
  • Store design
  • Store management
  • One Click Checkout & Sticky Bar

  • SpurIT SEO Image Optimizer

  • Free Gift - Upsell for Product

  • Post Purchase Checkout Upsell

  • Abandoned Cart Reminder

  • Discount Reminder

  • Upsell by Email

  • Upsell Bundled Products

  • Twitter Auto Posting

  • Automatic Discount Code Links

  • Sales Pop up — Pop up Discount

  • RecurrinGO! Subscriptions

  • Split ‑ Partial Payments

  • Installment Recurring Payments

  • Dynamic Pricing

  • Wholesale Pricing Manager

  • SpurIT Back in Stock Alerts

  • Free Shipping & Hello Bar

  • Social Proof ‑ The Urgency App

  • SpurIT: Loyalty Points Manager

  • Bulk Products Editor

  • Products A/B Test

  • Crowdfunding Manager

How you benefit from our apps

Whatever the case, the development cost is reduced and you get the job done
much more quickly.

  • We can develop an additional feature for one of our existing apps, so you don’t need to pay for a whole new app.

  • We take the app development skeleton used for our own apps and build yours from scratch. This skeleton is constantly updated and is free for our clients.

  • The same team that develops our apps works on our clients’ projects, so you get all the best hands-on expertise.

Types of apps we can build

  • Public app (listed and unlisted)

    Can be installed in several Shopify stores.

    Both listed and unlisted apps should be built according to certain standards to pass the Shopify verification procedure. This can only be done by skilled Shopify app developers with a deep knowledge of the Shopify ecosystem.

  • Custom app

    Can be installed in just one Shopify store and provides some unique functionality.

    In many cases, building a custom app to perform the task you need is not even necessary. Our engineers will help you to choose the best and the most effective way to solve your business challenge.

  • Private app

    Created directly in a Shopify store and the best choice for specific purposes.

    For some functionalities, it is simpler, faster, and cheaper to create a private app instead of a custom one, and our engineers will help you choose the best solution for your case.

Our app development process

  • Step 1: Estimate

  • Step 2: Technology stack and architecture

  • Step 3: Creation of development environment

  • Step 4: Development

  • Step 5: Delivery

  • Step 6: Testing

  • Step 7: Post-launch support



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