Madam Glam:
The warehouse integration

  • App development
  • Health, beauty, and cosmetics

Project details

  • Team

    Senior Developer, 2 Mid-Level Full
    Stack Developers, Team Lead,
    Project Manager, Account Manager

  • Technologies

    CakePHP, MySQL, jQuery, Native JavaScript, Shopify REST API,
    Shopify GraphQL API, HTML5, SCSS, Shopify Theme Liquid,
    Braintree payments API, Avalara API, Klaviyo API

  • Time

    4 weeks

  • The task

    Develop an app that would connect our client’s new Shopify store with the particular warehouse they had been using.


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About the business

Madam Glam is a US-based beauty brand, whose online store was initially launched on Magento 1. The client contacted us after the platform had announced the end-of-life for its first version, and we did an extensive array of work to migrate the whole business to Shopify. Integration with a warehouse was part of migrating functionality from the old Magento store to the new Shopify one, which we’ll cover in this case study.

Challenges and solutions

The biggest challenge our team faced during development was the lack of a proper test environment for this inventory management service. In practice, it meant that all the development work was possible only with constant communication with the warehouse team.

The testing environment of most warehouses is automated, which makes it possible to test and deploy new features quickly and easily. However, our client’s warehouse was quite outdated, so completing each task took more time and effort than usual. For example, to test something we had to email a member of the warehouse team to find out all the details of each testing task. This additional communication made the development process much more complicated. In the end, we did the job and ensured the quality warehouse integration that our client needed.

How you can benefit

Migrating business to a new platform is so much more than simply transferring the store’s data; this can be tricky. We’ve got the skills and the expertise to solve any challenge that may arise, so check out our Migration to Shopify page to learn how we can migrate you safely.

About the app

How it works

By using the Shopify API and the warehouse API, the app transfers the data between the two platforms so that the order can be processed, packed, and shipped to the customer. When the purchase is made in the Shopify store, the data is sent to the warehouse, and after the order is processed there, its status changes. This way the order becomes ready for shipment and is assigned with a tracking number. This number is sent back to the Shopify store, making it possible for customers to track their order.

Everything in real-time

All the data between the shop and the warehouse is synchronized in real-time. There were also additional requirements imposed by the specifics of the business — for example, after an order was placed in the Shopify store, the information had to be sent to the warehouse within several hours. We took into account all the required conditions and set up the processes exactly the way the business needed them to be.

Detailed order data

The app also collects detailed statistics in the form of order tags and order statuses. Different statuses can be applied, depending on the stage where the order is at the moment:

  • the order was placed on Shopify, but the information has not yet been sent to the warehouse;
  • the order has already been sent to the warehouse, but has not yet been processed;
  • the order has been processed at the warehouse and is ready to be shipped to the customer;
  • the order has already been sent and/or delivered.

Having these statistics at hand is extremely important from the business point of view — this way, the app provides the client with a clear picture of the current situation, helping to enhance the business management processes and making them much more efficient.


Regardless of how challenging the task was, it was important for the customer to maintain cooperation with the inventory management service for business reasons, so we successfully completed the task and ensured seamless communication between the warehouse and the client’s Shopify store. Here’s what our client says about working with us:

Fast to answer and extremely polite and professional, it is amazing to count on companies like this to handle your projects. They moved from being a consultant agency to being our IT trusted partner. We have been working with them for years now and are extremely satisfied with their professionalism, dedication.

Youri Vaisse General Manager, Madam Glam

For more details, the full review is available on our Clutch profile.

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