Our Works

Over the past 9 years we had the pleasure to participate in thousands
of eCommerce company projects of various complexity levels & from different niches.

NewAge Products

Our goal was to maximize the management processes of the online store for employees, as well as improve the customer flow.

SpurIT Portfolio - New Age
Arnobernard - online marketing case



A well-known African manufacturer of collectible knives faced with the problem of inability to advertise their product due to restrictions on advertising weapons.


SEO  •  Advertising  •  Customization

An online store of specialized fridges and equipment for storing wine and other beverages.

Kingsbottle - online marketing case
SpurIT Portfolio - Quick Buy Bonus

Quick Buy Bonus App

App Development  •  ASO

The goal of the collaboration was to develop a competitive application and take a stable position in the Shopify App Store.

Cup of Té


Cup of Té is a premier online retailer of loose leaf organic teas and teaware based in Ontario, Canada. The client’s request was Search Engine Optimization.

Randivie case

Randivie Fashion

Strategy  •  Design  •  Development  •  Support

A signature brand online store of designer heels for women who strive to stay in the spotlight without sacrificing comfort.