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We build our own software, and we can build yours. With almost a decade of web development expertise, our remote team knows Shopify inside out, and we are ready to be your best contractor.

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Why us

37 apps developed for eCommerce

9+ years of hands-on experience

Team of certified Shopify experts

From working on our own software, we know everything about building a successful product

We deliver offshore, and we do it right and in the most efficient way for you and your business

You get the results you need without hiring and managing a large web development team

With us, you get a dedicated team of certified experts with years of Shopify-focused experience who know how to deliver offshore. Taking care of both technical and business requirements, we don’t just code, but deliver a complete solution that works.

From custom integrations to complex projects – our expertise is yours.


Outsource software development done right

Single point of contact  •  After-launch support  •  Enterprise-level experience

Short Line

A single point of contact during the work will solve all possible issues – you simply get the job done

Short Line

We can nail the Shopify development of your project, leaving everything else to you

Short Line

We don’t develop a product and forget about it, but continue supporting the product after its launch

Whether you want to outsource the job or hire frontend/backend developers part-time, we can cover you with everything you need. From software to complex app development, our team can do it all.

White label web development for Shopify

Ongoing or part-time partnership  •  You maintain full project ownership  •  Flexible estimate rates to fit your project

Short Line

If you work in web development but don’t work with Shopify, we can cover all Shopify-related issues to keep your client safe

Short Line

We can also help you estimate the Shopify part of your new project, and walk you through the technical side of it

Short Line

Having developed 37 apps, we’ve got everything to build your own Shopify app

It can be tough to find a team that will do everything the way you need: anonymously, professionally, and on time – We are this team. If you need someone to do the job, we can consult, develop, and carry out the communication on your behalf.

Outsource web design to fit your needs

Design tailored to eCommerce  •  Full-design cycle in one place  •  Converting user experiences

We can create and implement an effective design for your eCommerce store

Work remotely with us on your web design; we know how to deliver solutions that work the way you need them. With our development and artistic expertise it’s super-easy – just turn to us and get a smooth user experience.

Get the job done the way you need it.



What does the working process look like?

All communication is carried out through a single point of contact, so you don’t need to waste time on troubleshooting and management. You contact us, we discuss the details, and you have your project done.

How much does it cost?

The number of hours needed for each project is different, so please contact us and we’ll estimate your project. The hourly rate for development work is $60.

Can we depend on you for support-related issues?

Sure. We continue to support our products as needed, even after development is completed.

Who will be working on my project?

Each member of our outsource development team is a certified Shopify expert and a qualified developer with hands-on eCommerce experience.

Client reviews

Duke Brooks

“It’s a great team to work with! My development team was loaded with tasks, so I hired Spurit team to do the job. Extremely professional, in a timely manner, no problems at all – Philip solved all organizational issues quickly, so I simply got the result I needed even quicker and better than with my own team. I’ll definitely turn to them in the future!”

Tomas Hall

“Great guys and great professionals, they don’t simply code but also suggest better ways to go if see that something can be improved or done cheaper/faster. We’ve been working with them for several years and will continue to work in the future – the results are always great. Their experience speaks for themselves.”

Jayleen Hill

“They helped us with one of our eCommerce clients: We could do the development part but had no prior experience with Shopify. SpurIT consulted us on the matter and did the Shopify part. It was a pleasure to partner with them, they work quickly and efficiently. It’d cost us tons of time and money to hire developers with this expertise, and the guys nailed their job.”

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