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    Shopify custom theme

    When is a custom website a must?

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    You’ve got a vision for how your store should look and work.

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    You don’t want to settle on a typical store and you want the look to make you clearly stand out from competitors.

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    Your business model requires both custom functionality and custom design, and it’s impossible to find a theme that combines it all.

    Benefits that come with a custom theme:

    Unique user experience

    Unique user experience.

    With custom functionality you can suggest something to your customers that your competitors can’t. A well- thought UX makes your store easy to use and lures shoppers to come back.

    One-off design

    One-off design.

    When thousands of businesses use one theme, all stores look pretty much the same. With a custom theme, however, you get a custom design, so your store will be one-of-a-kind and easy to remember. Great design drives great sales.

    Limitless possibilities

    Limitless possibilities.

    A ready-made theme always has code limits and it can be hard or even impossible to change it in a certain way. When it’s you who makes the decisions, we can create literally anything you want.

    Built-in accessibility

    Built-in accessibility.

    With accessibility becoming a must, it’s better to stay away from legal consequences and secure your business by building an online store the right way from the very beginning. There’s no guarantee that it would even be possible in a ready-made theme.

    Future-proof solution

    Future-proof solution.

    A custom theme is a way more secure choice for a growing business. Development brings changes, which means new standards for your online store. With your own theme, all customizations come quick and cheap. With a ready-made theme, however, changes may take hours of developers’ work with no result guaranteed.

    Seamless store management

    Seamless store management.

    Custom theme development means a thorough analysis of how your business works. It’s possible to build-in all the necessary apps right from the start to optimize the business processes and save hundreds of hours of work.

    Get not just a theme, but so much more.


      What it consists of:

      Unique design

      The way shoppers see your store from the outside.

      Shopify Unique design
      Shopify Unique functionality

      Unique functionality

      All theme settings are in Shopify Admin and you can change them from the inside.

      Unique structure

      You get not only the set of required templates but also any custom template you need.

      Shopify Unique structure

      Custom theme development process:

      We go deep into your business’ core to provide the best ways to run it smoothly.

      If you already have a design, we think through the functionality behind it. If not, we create everything on our side.

      When the architecture is well thought out, we start coding it into life. First, we do it in the development environment and when the main pieces are ready, we deploy them to the client’s store for tests, demos and subsequent improvements.

      You choose any way, comfortable to you, to check out the work done. That includes viewing demos, reading reports and/or jumping on calls with the team if you like.

      After everything is ready, we test it first on our side. Then, you test it on yours, and some final changes are applied, if there even are any.

      When you’re happy with the result, we complete the works. But this doesn’t mean it’s all over! We continue to take care of you and support the project after its launch.

      Let us take your business to the next level.


        Customization services

        Any theme, regardless of how expensive it is, can lack the functionality that’s specifically required for your business, and custom development will allow you to skip the phase of trying unlimited templates or paying for apps that do half of what you need.

        Order theme development from our team of professionals and get:

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        a custom template, optimized for conversions

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        easy store management

        yellow line

        cutting-edge functionality for your business needs

        orange line

        a carefully crafted online user experience

        black line

        the chance to once and for all settle business issues that have previously required a lot of time and effort to solve

        Shopify Customization Service


        How to choose between a custom theme and customizing a theme from the Shopify theme store?

        If the business you have doesn’t require unique features and you need a standard set of features, it’s better to choose a theme and customize it to your needs. If your business idea requires unique looks and unique functionality, building a custom theme will be the best choice and will save you time and money.

        What do you mean by a set of required pages? Why do I need something that I’m not going to use?

        Any Shopify theme must have the same basic structure that all themes on the platform have. These templates are created by default and will be present in the Shopify Admin of your store, however you are free to choose whether to use some of them or not.

        Can you add an app that I currently use to my custom theme as well?

        If it’s one of our apps, we’ll easily do that. With an app from other developers, it depends. However, we will officially be able to tell only after analyzing the app ourselves. Generally, we do this when thinking through the architecture of the theme.

        If I provide the design, will the final result be exactly like it?

        Yes, with a custom theme development we can guarantee that you get a 99.9% match with the initial design.


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