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We are happy to keep bringing value
to the global market over the years of honest, high-quality performance
in development, marketing, customer support, and more.

The eCommerce industry is a specific field of business that requires employment of numerous development methods for attracting customers. Sometimes, it may appear that to achieve success in this business, a stunning and functional online store design along with splendid and abundant products as well as dedicated advertising are not enough.

But, thanks to our years of experience, the SpurIT agency refined a strategy of optimizing eCommerce business and leveraging the bottom line. Our team will help your online business achieve a better ROI and propel your eCommerce to the industry’s forefront. We are not just all talk, we bring real value to your business.

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Meet some of our Team

Smart, passionate and dedicated – the SpurIT team!

SpurIT Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Yauheni Tamashevich

SpurIT Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Vladislav Kovalski

SpurIT Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing Officer

Denis Pratasenia

SpurIT Account Manager

Chief Technical Officer

Philip Zhavrid

SpurIT Chief Sales Officer

Chief Sales Officer

Alexander Khomich

SpurIT Sales Manager Anastasiya Orsik

Sales Manager

Anastasiya Orsik

SpurIT Sales Manager Anastasia Kasperovich

Sales Manager

Anastasia Kasperovich

SpurIT HR Manager

HR Manager

Ilya Kuznetsov

Boguslavets Vladislav

Account Manager

Vladislav Boguslavets 

SpurIT Project Manager Slava Titorovich

Project Manager

Slava Titorovich

SpurIT Project Manager Artem Kuprin

Project Manager

Artem Kuprin


Project Manager

Maksim Pilnikau

SpurIT Middle Developer Eugene Krivosheev

Middle Developer

Eugene Krivosheev

SpurIT QA Engineer

QA Engineer

Eugene Pershukov

SpurIT UX/UI Designer

UX/UI Designer

Pavel Kopats

SpurIT Team Lead Artem Targonsky

Team Lead

Artem Targonsky

SpurIT Middle Developer Ilya Zhernosek

Middle Developer

Ilya Zhernosek

SpurIT Senior Developer

Senior Developer

Alexey Apanovich

SpurIT Team Lead Eugene Makarevich

Team Lead

Eugene Makarevich

SpurIT Team Lead Alexey Senkevich

Team Lead

Alexey Senkevich

SpurIT Middle Developer Dmitry Borisov

Middle Developer

Dmitry Borisov

SpurIT Middle Developer

Middle Developer

Igor Razumovsky

SpurIT Middle Developer Eugene Shik

Middle Developer

Eugene Shik

SpurIT Middle Developer Nikita Yankovsky

Middle Developer

Nikita Yankovsky