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Learn what the usability errors are on your website and get actionable insights on how to eliminate them.

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    What is a UX audit?

    A UX audit is a detailed report that highlights what makes it hard for users to interact with your website. In this report, we pinpoint the UX errors that should be fixed to boost your business outcomes.

    What you will get

    • A Google Sheets document that can be used as a checklist for future works
    • A list of UX errors of your website ranked from most to least critical
    • Actionable insights on how to improve the usability of your website

    Why do a UX audit?

    Improved performance

    When you sell online, UX errors can be one of the reasons your business is not doing well. Identify them and make the customer journey on your website seamless.

    Effective management

    Poor UX results in many support tickets and abandoned carts. Take the load off your support team and reduce the long-term cost of UX errors.

    Future redesign

    Quality redesign is about having a more efficient customer journey, not just changing the website’s looks. Find the UX errors of your existing design and don’t transfer them to the new one.

    Our UX audit process

    Requirements collection
    UX research
    UX report
    Post-audit support


    Do I need a UX audit?

    When you request a UX audit, you send us a link to your website, and our UX/UI designer carefully examines it before our official cooperation starts. If your website has usability issues that should be improved, we’ll tell you about it and send you a business proposal.

    What happens after I get the UX audit?

    If you have design and development teams, your UX/UI designers will create the improved layouts, and the developers will implement them. If your in-house teams are currently unavailable, we can always implement the changes on our side at an additional cost.

    Will a UX audit increase my sales?

    A UX audit is a tool that shows the usability errors that make your website uncomfortable to use, which can be one of the reasons for low conversions. Fixing the UX errors may help to increase conversion rates, but the problem can also be in something else, such as ineffective customer support, long delivery terms, or low interest in the product. If your business suffers from low conversions, we always recommend examining the full picture.

    How long will it take?

    Usually, conducting a UX audit takes 2 weeks, but it may slightly depend on the number of pages and the complexity of a website. We’ll specify the exact time needed in the business proposal after examining your website.


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