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Choose optimal price, title, description and image for your products to earn extra money.

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What is Split Testing about?

Sales conversion optimization

What would be the optimal price, name and description to your product? What do customers like the best?

Automatic changes

You can try to manually change these values, and then compare the sales, or… this AB Test Shopify App can do it for you automatically, for 100s of products!

Schedule a product to change

Schedule a product to change its name weekly or monthly and see when the revenue was the highest!

Main Features of the Shopify AB Testing App

Create product split test and compare results

In two clicks, choose the product you want to test and set the time and specific criteria to compare data.

No theme modifications

No coding and no theme modifications are needed, so you can start using the app immediately after installing.

Test different options and choose the best

You can compare product titles, descriptions, prices, and images for different time periods and compare how well they were sold.

Schedule a product

You can set to change the name of the project weekly or monthly and see when the revenue was the highest.

Google Analytics linking

Linking with Analytics will allow you to take the number of visitors into account and understand how good your sales are.

24/7 Technical support

If you have any issues, our amazing support team will solve it in minutes, absolutely free.

Why use Shopify AB Test?

Do you want to schedule product changes to find the optimal conditions for income growth? Don’t waste your time on changing the properties manually and utilize this Shopify sales app to run the optimization automatically! Save money & increase revenue!

Are you sure that your products have the optimal price, name, description, or even product image? What if your income could be doubled just by slightly changing one of these properties? Shopify Products A/B Test is designed especially to find these optimization subtleties for multiple products at the same time. Schedule a product to change its name/price/picture weekly or monthly and see when the revenue is the highest! What do you need to do is:

  1. Choose one property change for week 1.
  2. Choose another property change for week 2.
  3. Wait for two weeks to pass to choose the best option.

For even better performance, we added Google Analytics support to track visitors to your store. Get even more benefit out of this sales optimization tool:

  • Investigate your audience;
  • Find the best product properties;
  • Save your time and money;
  • Increase sales.

The Split Test App
User Reviews

“Great app. Testing is the only way to find out what’s better. Customer support guys are awesome. I recommend this one.”

Viking Runes

“Great shopify a b testing app. Excellent customer service. Easy to set up. It is a really great product. Highly recommended!!!”


“The product support for “Product A/B test” is top. Must have app for your online store if you need to increase your desired result.”


“So easy to use and I recommend this app. Thank you!”

Alondras Online Store

“We all shop owners know that testing is the right way to go. Thanks guys, this a/b testing shopify app is really good!!”

AC Charger

“Download, run your test, improve and repeat. Great App. Fantastic Support. This app is great for testing.”

CSM24 Store

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