Shopify Social Proof App

Urgency widget to boost your sales

Show actual or random number of clients looking at a product and stock inventory.

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$8.95 / month

What is Social Proof about?

Fully customizable widget

Configure texts, design, conditions and location of the widget. Apply the widget to specific products, collections or the whole store.

Full control of social proof

Motivate customers with high number of clients looking at a product and low stock inventory.

Easy to start

No coding is required, install in one click. Friendly technical support will answer any questions.

Main Features

Create unique messages

Add texts and unique emojis, create additional urgency in your messages to attract more customers.

Make bulk changes in minutes

You can easily choose all products in one page and apply changes to all of them in minutes.

You can easily choose all products in one page and apply changes to all of them in minutes

Select between actual or random number of clients looking at your product and stock inventory.

No theme modifications

The app doesn’t require any manual modifications of your theme during the installation or the app usage. One-click install!

Fully customizable widget

You can create your own design and place the widget anywhere you want on the page.

24/7 technical support

Our fast and free support team will help you solve any problems in a few minutes.

Made by professionals with Love ❤️

Do you realize the unlimited possibilities your store can have when utilizing social proof instruments? At least, it’s foolish to deny that the influence of social proof elements is great and impacts sales rates significantly. Stop losing opportunities and start attracting sales with the Shopify urgency app!

Shopify social proof is a widget for your store that will stimulate your customers to make quick decisions and spend more money. The idea is to show that other people are interested in buying the product. You can either use actual data or imaginary as both options are supported by this tool. Show customers how many other people are viewing the product’s page right now, or indicate the number of items left in inventory to speed up their decision making! With no coding skills or long configuration, the app will be installed to your Shopify store to bring you revenue. Just choose the design and customize the widget text to get started.

Read the User Reviews and Testimonials

“This app really helps in impressing the customers. My Sales increases after installing this app.”

Fashion And Style777

“Very good app, recommend to businesses who want to increase sales.”

Evelyns Quality Brands

“Super easy to install (you do nothing), easy to set up and use, it’s customizable, and it works great.”

Wunder Budder

“We have seen a bump in sales from the hour we installed this.”


“Had a couple of set up issues with my theme but they literally got sorted in minutes via their support chat.”

Love The Animal

“Easy to install and has made a great difference to my sales!”

Ontrendnow Com

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