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Clutch celebrates SpurIT as 2022’s top-performing Shopify development company

By Anastasia Grinevich March 23, 2022
Clutch celebrates SpurIT as 2022’s top-performing Shopify development company

The eCommerce space is always evolving, and if you need a team that can help you accelerate and scale using high-level technical solutions — you need SpurIT! Based in Palatine, Illinois, we provide the solutions that bring the best competitive edge for your business.

SpurIT TOP Shopify developer 2022

Today, we proudly celebrate a new recognition made possible by our clients’ support. Clutch’s officially announced that SpurIT is among the highest-ranking and best-performing Shopify development companies in 2022!



Every year Clutch holds its highly anticipated Leaders Awards to celebrate leading service providers that showcased unrivaled commitment and excellence. Following their rigorous 2022 research, Clutch ranks SpurIT on its prestigious Leaders’ Matrix for the top 5 Shopify developers in the globe.

Leader matrix

To be eligible for this award, companies must showcase an extraordinarily high ability to deliver top-tier work to their clients. Receiving this award is no small feat, and we’re happy and pride to be recognized.

SpurIT Clutch profileThank you so much to all our partners! We appreciate all your love and support, especially our clients who left us their honest insights on Clutch. We wouldn’t be the same SpurIT team without the trust you give us.

Congratulations too because this award is made possible thanks to your success and support!

Anastasia Grinevich

Anastasia Grinevich

Anastasia is a Content Marketing Manager at SpurIT. She specializes in content and social media marketing and helps eCommerce companies and entrepreneurs reach more customers by creating engaging content with the best practices in SEO. Having worked with over 800 brands and influencers, Anastasia is experienced in creating effective campaigns for every type of industry in the market.