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What is outstaffing and why should you try it?

By Anastasia Grinevich April 19, 2023
What is outstaffing and why should you try it

Outstaffing is considered one of the most popular models for engaging remote resources, especially in the software development and IT industry. Well-known companies like Amazon, eBay, and Zalando prefer to hire in-house developers. But what are the benefits of this model?

In this article, we will explore what outstaffing is and why it is becoming an increasingly popular option. From cost savings to increased productivity, we will cover all of its benefits and why you should consider trying it for your business. So let us delve deeper to learn more about outstaffing and how it can benefit you.

Here’s what we’ll cover

Why outstaffing is the game-changing solution businesses need

Outstaffing is a business model that is gaining popularity among companies of all sizes. The concept involves hiring a team of professionals who work on projects remotely, and the company that hires them does not have to provide office space or equipment.

The outstaffing services provider takes care of all HR, payroll, taxes, team managment and other administrative tasks, while the company focuses on its core business. This is a win-win arrangement for both parties, with the provider benefiting from a steady flow of work and the company gaining access to top-tier talent without the hassles or costs associated with traditional hiring and managment.

For businesses that require specialized skills or expertise not available in-house, outstaffing can be a viable option. It’s also useful for companies that need to scale up or down quickly in response to changing market conditions, or for businesses that don’t have an in-house development team and need to hire one ready to work immediately.

What are the main reasons for outstaffing?

Outstaffing offers several benefits that make it an attractive option for many companies. Some of these advantages include:

Cost savings

Outstaffing is an excellent option for companies looking to save money on hiring and training expenses, as well as office space and equipment. The outstaffing company takes care of recruiting and training the staff, allowing you to avoid these costs and allocate your resources more efficiently.

Moreover, outstaffing can be a great way to manage a project’s budget since costs can be more accurately predicted and controlled.

So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to manage your business’s resources, outstaffing may be the perfect fit for you.

Access to a larger talent pool

With outstaffing, you can access a global talent pool and find the perfect candidate for your project. This means that you’re not limited to the local talent pool or dedicated team and can hire specialized professionals who are in high demand. For example, by partnering with us on an outstaffing model, clients gain access not only to the skills and knowledge of dedicated developers but also to the collective expertise of our entire team.

Flexible staffing

Outstaffing provides you with the flexibility to adjust your staffing levels based on your needs. This means that you can quickly scale up or down, depending on the project’s demands. If you need to increase your workforce rapidly, outstaffing is the way to go. On the other hand, when a project is complete or the workload decreases, you can decrease the team just as quickly.

This flexibility makes outstaffing perfect for companies with fluctuating project demands.

Focus on what matters

Outstaffing enables you to delegate specific tasks to trained professionals, freeing up your time and resources to concentrate on your company’s key strengths and objectives. This approach can lead to greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability across your business.

Access to high-demand expertise

Outstaffing is a great way to tap into specialized skills and expertise that you may not have in-house. Usually, third-party providers have access to a vast pool of talented professionals who excel in specific areas, such as Shopify development services, which makes it easier to find the perfect match for your business needs. With outstaffing, you can team with experts who are passionate about their work and committed to delivering quality results.

Reduced risks

Outstaffing can help you overcome the risks associated with hiring employees directly. When you opt for outstaffing, the company you work with handles significant matters such as payroll, taxes, and legal compliance. This way, you can avoid costly mistakes and reduce hiring risks.

What are the risks of outstaffing?

While outstaffing offers many benefits to businesses, there are also some issues that need to be considered before deciding to use this business model. 

Communication challenges

Effective communication is crucial in outstaffing, particularly when working with a remote team. However, it can be challenging due to differences in time zones, cultural norms, and language barriers. But with the proper tools and an experienced team, you can effortlessly overcome these obstacles and ensure smooth cooperation.

Quality control issues

It’s important to keep in mind that outstaffed teams may not always meet your expectations, especially due to differences in work culture, lack of oversight, or inadequate training. But with proper research and assessment, you can find a team that is a perfect match for your needs and expectations.

Security issue

Outstaffing requires sharing sensitive business information with a third-party service provider and remote team, which can increase the risk of data breaches, intellectual property theft, and other security threats. Therefore, it’s crucial to take the necessary precautions before choosing a team. You should carefully research them by reading reviews, contacting previous clients, and considering a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) if needed.

If you are considering outstaffing, it’s crucial to keep in mind that complying with different legal and regulatory frameworks in various countries can be a complex and time-consuming process. That’s why it’s crucial to carefully consider legal requirements and ensure compliance with each jurisdiction. Failure to do so can result in serious legal and financial consequences that can significantly impact your company’s operations and reputation.

Dependence on a third-party provider

Outstaffing involves entrusting a third-party service provider with the administrative and HR functions of a remote team, which can be a significant advantage. However, it’s important to keep in mind that if the provider runs out of business or fails to deliver quality services, it can have a significant impact on your project. In such cases, you may face delays in project delivery or increased costs, which can be detrimental to your business. Therefore, it’s essential to carefully vet and choose a reliable service provider that can consistently deliver quality services.

To mitigate these risks, you should carefully evaluate potential service providers. Additionally, it is essential to establish clear and effective communication channels with the outstaffed team to ensure everyone is on the same page. To protect sensitive information, we recommend you implement adequate security and compliance measures. So, you can significantly mitigate risks and ensure a smooth and secure outstaffing experience.

To wrap up: will outstaffing work for your business?

Outstaffing can offer benefits to businesses of all sizes. Compared to in-house team hiring, outstaffing is a more flexible and cost-effective solution that allows you to maintain full control over your projects and teams. It’s a great way to access specialized expertise without committing to long-term contracts or incurring high hiring costs.

So, if you’re looking to streamline your operations and optimize your resources, outstaffing may be a viable option for you.

Anastasia Grinevich

Anastasia Grinevich

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