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Headless storefront
development process

From the first message to project release and beyond —
here is how we work and what we do at each step.

Before we start

Once you send us a request, a company representative will contact you shortly to discuss project details and estimate the work to be done.

What we do at this step:

Initially, it’s about understanding you and your business. Our team takes a deep dive into the business you’re in and determines whether the headless development approach will be beneficial to you.

We take a detailed look at your eCommerce ecosystem and identify key details, including your data profile, modular and component representation, and more.

What we need from your side:

Generally, we ask you to fill out a sample brief to clarify key project details and help us make a more accurate estimate.
If this information is insufficient, we provide a rough first estimate and contact you to specify the project details. Once the technical requirements are clearly defined, we proceed with the estimating process, which normally takes up to three business days.

What you get:

  • Detailed project estimate
  • Scope of work with a problem statement
  • Business needs and customer touch points analysis
  • Suggestions on the most suitable technology stack
  • Solution architecture and functional specification
  • Timeline and pricing
  • Development team structure needed.

After we start

After creating the foundation, we proceed to setting up processes, design, and development in accordance with the initial scope of work and project estimates.

Steps of our store development process

Step 1: Engagement

Setting up of development environment

At this point, we establish and tune the environment where the development process will take place. However, we are flexible and work with any repositories, communication channels, and task managers you are comfortable with.

By using headless, multiple development teams can work simultaneously on back- and frontend parts.

Points of contact

During the project, your main points of contact will be the Account Manager, Project Manager, and Customer Success Manager. They handle the overall project development, communication, document management, and streamlining of the development team.

This way, you can avoid routine tasks while retaining more control over the project.

Dedicated developers

We assign you a dedicated development team that is yours by default. And we don’t change the size of your team or rotate its members unless you ask us to.

But you are not limited to the team; you have unlimited access to our broad expertise.


You receive detailed weekly reports from your Account Manager with a breakdown of everything done. Reports show the completed tasks, the hours spent and the overall project progress.

Step 2: UX/UI design

The headless solution doesn’t require any frontend templates, so you can create any visual and navigational features on your headless website.

If you already have a clear vision of your future store design, we will think through its functionality and develop your store according to your specifications. Otherwise, we create a tailored solution to ensure a smooth user experience.

What we need from your side:

  • General functionality and design requirements
  • References to competitors’ websites you like
  • Branding elements such as logo, color palette, etc.
  • Specific design requirements
  • Images and descriptions for banners.

What you get:

  • Advanced, high-converting user experience
  • Highly personalized website design matching your target
  • Control over the visual presentation and customer experience
    without the restrictions of generic templates.

Step 3: Development

At this stage, our Agile-powered development team code and deploy all the required features with proper testing and reporting.

What we do at this step:

Headless commerce is flexible, and so are we. We’re not limited by the technology stack and can work with your preferred options to create a top-notch shopping experience while maintaining compliance, checkout, and payments.

You will have complete control over the whole development process.

What we need from your side:

  • Participating in project meetings and related activities.

What you get:

  • A tailored eCommerce infrastructure
  • Frontend part for different customer touchpoints
  • Backend part
  • Tuned API connections between front-end and back-end
  • Third-party integration.

If required, our dedicated web accessibility team can implement web accessibility throughout your project. Our certified experts ensure your project complies with the required standards at each level.

Step 4: Testing and launch


The quality is constantly controlled and supervised. The development team tests at all development stages to ensure that each new feature runs smoothly and matches the performance of all ones created previously.

For more thorough testing, we offer QA services. We recommend you do not skip this step to ensure you get a seamlessly working product built to the highest standards.


When your headless website is polished to the smallest detail, we ensure that the result will be visible to the world. First, we will demonstrate the completed website and its functionality to you. After your approval, we will put it into production. But the project is not over yet.

What you get:

  • Fully functional headless store with web accessibility all baked in.

Step 5: Post-launch support

After your store is up and running, we will continue providing support and maintenance to ensure it remains successful.

What you get:

  • A personalized work-through guide
  • 30 days to check for bugs
  • Post-launch support
  • Dedicated account manager.


Ready to go headless?