Store development process

From first message to project release and beyond —
here is how we work and what we do at each step.

Before we start

After you send us a request, a company representative will contact you within one working day to discuss the project details and create an estimate of the work needed to be done.

What we do at this step:

Our team works to find out your business goals, determine the budget, examine whether any additional functionality is needed, and specify a list of necessary applications. After we complete the research, we agree with you upon the timing of the estimate and draw up a commercial proposal.

What we need from your side:

You may want to fill out a sample brief to specify important project details and help us make the estimate more accurate.

What you get:

A detailed estimate of the scope of work with the problem statement, the proposed solution, the timeline, and the pricing.

After we start

When we start working, you get a personal account manager — a single point of contact who will run the project. The account manager handles all management issues, provides you with regular updates, and is always there to answer any questions.

Steps of our store development process

Step 1: User experience

At this stage, we conduct thorough research on your competitors to find the best-fitting theme in terms of your niche, business goals, and the required functionality.

What we do:

  • Competitive environment analysis
  • Theme research

What we need from your side:

  • Your business niche
  • Approximate number of products and collections
  • General functionality and design requirements
  • Links to the competitors’ websites you like

What you get:

  • Up to 3 Licensed Shopify Premium Themes to choose from *The cost of the theme is not included.

Step 2: User interface

After collecting and processing the data, we think through the user flow and create prototypes, layouts, buttons, illustrations, and icons.

What we do:

  • Create layouts and visual elements

What we need from your side:

  • Preferred branding elements such as logo, color palette, and others
  • Specific design requirements, if any
  • Images and texts for the banners *If not available, we will use stock images and write general texts.

What you get:

  • Homepage, collection page, product page layouts *The number of revisions depends on the chosen plan.
  • Banners, icons and preview images *Subject to review & scoping.

Step 3: Build and test

When you approve the layouts, we create a copy of the current theme and deploy the project in our repository to do all the development work. Then the Team Lead selects the best-fitting development tools and decomposes the project into smaller tasks that are distributed between the developers. When all the smaller elements are ready, the Team Lead checks them and compiles everything into one page. After that, the whole page is tested, all found bugs are fixed, then the page is tested again.

This way, all the pages are built one by one and the whole theme is put together. We also make sure that the website looks great on any device, so we create a responsive interface for different resolutions and test each element. When each page and the whole theme work smoothly, we upload the improved copy of the theme back to the store so you can check everything on your side. After getting your approval, we publish the theme.

Accessibility, if necessary, is implemented throughout the whole development process.

For projects with complex interaction logic or integrations with third-party services, we also recommend not skipping the QA stage in order to ensure the highest quality of development.

What we do:

  • Theme setup
  • Responsive optimization of the website
  • Q&A and testing
  • Products creation and tagging *The number of products depends on the chosen plan.
  • Collections creation *The number of collections depends on the chosen plan.
  • Product filters setup
  • Menu setup
  • Google Search Console setup
  • Google Analytics setup
  • App installation and configuration *Depends on the chosen plan.
  • Domain connection

What we need from your side:

  • Access to your Shopify store
  • Content for the info pages: privacy policy, terms of service, shipping policy, return & refund policy, full contact information, FAQ
  • Links to your social media accounts
  • Products details: titles, descriptions, vendors, prices, SKU’s, quantity, variants, tags, weight, images, etc. – these can be sent in a .csv file (a template will be provided) via email or Google Drive
  • Collections details: titles, descriptions, images, etc. – these can be sent in a .csv file (a template will be provided) via email or Google Drive
  • Main menu structure (in Google Docs/Sheets)
  • Active Gmail account, which will be used to share access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • List of the apps that should be installed and the requirements for the configuration
  • Domain name and access to your domain provider account

What you get:

  • A fully functional store with products and collections created

Step 4: Launch and support

After the work is done, we walk you through the improved functionality and how to work with it, and support your project after launch.

What you get:

  • Personalized training on how to maintain the website
  • Post launch support *Depends on the chosen plan.
  • Dedicated account manager *Depends on the chosen plan.

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