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What is Shopify Variable Pricing?

Set up best price on autopilot

The app increases your sales by automatically setting up the best product price.

Sales factor algorithm

The app watches how well each product gets sold out, and depending on how well it goes, it can reduce or increase the price.

Easy setup

All you need to do is just set up the change rules, i.e. to what amount the price will jump to if the product goes well.

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Main Features of the Pricing Rules App

Creating pricing conditions

Create elastic pricing conditions

You can create different product conditions connected with time and prices. Set different types of rules and apply them to your products to test what will work best.

Sales statistic

You can track the number of products which have been sold per variant of value (set as condition).

Manage customers attention

You can show or hide information about previous pricing from customers (previous sales price).

Add time scheduler

Create different conditions for several time periods to manage your products better.

Setting up Dynamic pricing
Professional support of the Dynamic Pricing App

Professional support 24/7

In case there are some technical issues with the app, our support team will solve everything within a couple of minutes.

No coding and modification

The app starts working right after the installation. No setup or theme modification is required.

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Why Use Dynamic Product Pricing?

Ever thought of making your prices change automatically according to your rate of sales? Your pricing could flexibly adjust to market needs and bring as much revenue as possible. However, making price changes manually is a tiresome and ineffective process. That’s why we created the Shopify dynamic prices app for you.

Ensure your prices are well optimized using smart optimization! The app watches how frequently the product is sold to increase or decrease the price. If the product is selling well, the price increases, bringing you more income. On the other hand, if product sales are decreasing, it will automatically reduce the price to a level that will encourage users to buy more. To start using it you need only choose products, define the price-changing rules like “if 10 or more items are sold out, increase the price by $2”, and set the start date. You can apply one or more rules to products. The products (or product variants) can be selected manually, by category, or you can apply the global pricing rules to your whole Shopify store at once.

Shopify Price Change App User Reviews

“I love this dynamic pricing app! it’s made my life a lot easier and if you haven’t already get it !!”

Shop Drop Deals

“Very easy to install and set up. Currently using this pricing app to reduce the price of the low selling products. Everything is working nicely.”

Yourturnkeystore 243

“A very good apps for store . Recommend for other user to install this apps.”

Cosy Store

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Reviews and Testimonials

I love the app it’s made my life a lot easier and if you haven’t already get it !!

Shop Drop Deals

Very easy to install and set up. Currently using the app to reduce the price of low selling product. Everything is working nicely.

Yourturnkeystore 243

I personally endorse this app. I have gained more traffic and sales due to this app.

Braceletsave Com

This app works great and I have gotten some good sells because of it.

Allies Retail

Best free app I have found to boost sales with notifications and get customers subscribed to email lists.

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