One‑Click Checkout app

One‑Click Checkout App

Dramatically increase conversion rate

Speed up customers checkout process skipping the cart
or offer them continue buying products on website.

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Reviews on Shopify

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Free Trial

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$15,95 / month

What is Shopify One Page Checkout about?

Fast checkout for Add to Cart

Fast checkout for Add to Cart

Show Cart items in a popup or direct your customers to checkout as they click the Add to Cart button.

Adding Buy Now button

Buy Now + Add to Cart checkout

Boost your checkouts! Combine the Add Buy Now button with the Add to Cart button.

Checkout with a popup cart

Guide your customers to checkout

Replace regular сart page with a popup cart to improve user conversions.

Main Features of the Custom Checkout App

Сustomizable popup design

Fully customizable popup design

Change style of the popup and the buttons, including their colors and fonts, using this amazing editor.

Compatible with any theme

There is no need for any manual modifications during installation or app usage period.

Editing popup content

Easily add any text, table, image, video, or code into the popup. And also be able to show the list of items placed in the cart.

Set amount or delete product inside the popup

Customers can change any product options directly in the popup in just one click.

Editing popup content
Сheckout settings

Send customers directly to checkout

Offer your customers a quick procedure and increase your store conversion as a result.

Offer customers options on what to do next

Show your customers different opportunities to continue shopping or go to checkout such as ”Continue shopping”, “Checkout”, or “Go to Cart” (optional).

Why Use Single Page Checkout?

Do you feel like the cart is lowering your store’s conversion rate? Let your customers save time and land directly on the checkout page, omitting the cart stage. This remarkable app will help you to redirect users and lead them straight to checkout after clicking the “Add to cart” button.

Did you know there are some products, which do not require the cart stage, or that this stage could even negatively affect your income? The Shopify One Page Checkout App was designed to eliminate this problem, taking customers to the payment page immediately. After installing this app the shopping cart will still be available on your store. You’ll be able to choose how exactly you want the app to work: whether the redirecting should be done automatically, or if it’s better to display the popup where a user will be able to voluntarily choose one of the buttons: ”Continue shopping”, “Checkout” or “Go to Cart.”

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User Reviews

“This 1 page check out app is great for getting customers over to the cart and encouraging them to check out.”


“Good app to have to ease the checkout process and it looks professional! ”

Feshionn Iobi

“Pretty Cool! its a customer convenience that I’ve been looking for!”


“Works well, as it encourages quicker checkouts for impulse buyers. It’ll potentially lessen the rate of abandoned checkouts…”

Natty Heroes

“Amazing live support settled my problem in less than 10 minutes.”

Open Anime

“Best customer support for a must have APP in my store. If you offer Free Shipping, you can have 3-step checkout. Awesome!”

Gasta Nada

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Reviews and Testimonials

This is great for getting customers over to the cart and encouraging them to check out.


Good app to have to ease the checkout process and it looks professional!

Feshionn Iobi

I personally endorse this app. I have gained more traffic and sales due to this app.

Braceletsave Com

This app works great and I have gotten some good sells because of it.

Allies Retail

Best free app I have found to boost sales with notifications and get customers subscribed to email lists.

K And M Gifts