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Get more with subscription payments

Simple way to create system of bill payment,
subscriptions and invoicing.

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$15.95 / month

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What is Recurring Order & Subscription about?

Recurring & subscription app

Offer a customer flexible subscription payment plans: weekly & monthly subscription packages with discounts for a product subscription.

Recurring payments with 0% fee

The app sends recurring invoices only. It doesn’t bill your subscribers. Recurring billing go through Shopify billing system.

Subscription boxes

Offer customers build-a-box and monthly subscription box features. Build sustainable business with monthly payments for physical & digital products.

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Main Features of
Shopify Subscription Box App

Setting up subscription

Automatic invoicing system

With setup repeat payments your customers that marked a payment subscription will receive an automatic email with a link to pay you in a specified cycle time.

Allows single product, mixed cart & entire cart subscriptions

No more separate carts for different subscriptions. Mixed cart with and without subscription products works great!

No registration requirements

The client does not need to log in or authorize, he just marks a subscription option before paying for the product.

Zero Commission for subscription billing

We don’t charge any fees on recurring items! All payments go through Shopify Billing system that can accept over 100 payment options.

Subscription option before paying
Recurring Payments App design customization

Automatic application of taxes and shipping charges

Pricing and rates are applied in full accordance with your Shopify gateway settings and plans.

Full customization

All parameters – from email content to widget design – are set by the user.

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Why use Monthly Subscription App?

One of the most efficient ways to maintain continuous contact with customers is to convince them of the benefits of a subscription through appropriate apps for websites. The Shopify Recurring Payments Subscription Box App is an easy to understand software, which provides the owner an opportunity to create a system of subscription and invoice reporting on drop shipping terms.

The Recurring Payment Shopify App enables you to send fully customizable recurring emails to your clients with any preset frequency (weekly, monthly, etc.). It is worthwhile to give credit to the plugin developer, not in the least, because of inventory synchronization and management.

Shopify Subscription Payments
User Reviews

“Your app works great with my customers who need a solution to recurring orders on a subscription.”

Mandala Botanicals

“This Shopify subscription app does everything I need, and it helps my store save money.”

Snack Bundle

“This subscription plugin is perfect and their customer service was very helpful getting me setup quickly.”

Wise Bread

“I really recommend this recurring app to everyone who needs to manage subscriptions for any kind of products…”


“Customer service was quick and very helpful.”

Sox Boss

“Thank you we’ve been looking for this kind of app for our subscription business.”


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Reviews and Testimonials

Your app works great with my customers who need a solution to recurring orders on a subscription.

Mandala Botanicals

This App does everything I need, and it helps my store save money.

Snack Bundle

I personally endorse this app. I have gained more traffic and sales due to this app.

Braceletsave Com

This app works great and I have gotten some good sells because of it.

Allies Retail

Best free app I have found to boost sales with notifications and get customers subscribed to email lists.

K And M Gifts

Recurring Subscriptions Pricing Table

If you use more than 1 free product in rules, you activate a paid plan. Then we will adjust your plan every 30 days according to the number of products in subscription rules. But your plan will not be able less then $15.95, whether you have products in rules or not.



up to 10

$15.95 USD

up to 100

$19.95 USD

up to 200

$29,95 USD

more than 200

$39,95 USD

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