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Upsell Bundle Products Shopify App

Get more by selling bundled products

A Powerful tool to sell grouped products and put them on discount.

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Reviews on Shopify

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What is the Product Bundles App about?

Easy setup, no coding

Installation without theme modification, doesn’t destroy your inventory, prices, SKU’s etc. No coding required.

Add to cart in one click

Add bundled products to cart in one click.

Fully customizable design

Adjust the design of the product bundles panel using our excellent insightful editor.

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Main Features of the Shopify Bundle Discount

Bundle Discount app design customization

Fully customizable design

Any element in the bundle widget can be customized.

Easy & safe install

The app doesn’t alter your inventory, prices, SKU’s, etc.

Set up a fixed monetary discount or percent discount

Set up a discounted price for every single bundled product. You can create a fixed monetary discount for each item or a percentage discount.

Unlimited number of bundles with the same product

The same product can be a part of more than one bundle. Several other apps from other Shopify developers can’t do this.

Setting up a discount type
Free support of the Bundle Discount app

Fast and free support 24/7

You will not be abandoned face-to-face with the problems in this checkout app. Our fast technical support will quickly deal with any issues concerning this Shopify app.

Compatible with any theme

Our professional support team integrates the app in your Shopify store for free, or we refund the cost of the app!

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Why Use the Shopify Bundling App?

Thinking of season sales promos? Turn your attention to upselling techniques like those offered in Shopify product bundles. This app can help you sell products in kits and sets while keeping your inventory safe and sound! This app was designed to create Shopify bundles in just a few clicks.

The Product bundles Shopify app aims to give you an easier way to manage bundled products in your store. Create an unlimited number of Shopify bundle product collections, Shopify product kits, and Shopify product packages in the bundle products Shopify app, set the price, and see how your sales skyrocket! You can combine several products in a bundle and offer 20% off via the Shopify bundle app, thus stimulating sales and encouraging purchases. Also, you can apply any other Shopify bundle discount technique like BOGO, buy X get Y etc.

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User Reviews

“I like this product bundling shopify app. It works great! This app really helps us to increase our sales.”

Sofabed Com

“Exactly what I was looking for, support currency converter and most important of all it doesn’t duplicate your products.”


“Since installing this bundle app we have experienced a huge increase in our average order value!”

Ashleigh St Clair

“The bundle’s controllable saving really helps us minimize direct discount requests.”


“The best bonus is the Support! these guys are 24/7 available, knowledgeable and Very Helpful.”

Tahoeshirt Com

“Really impressed with the functionality and effectiveness of this app. We recommended!”

Mannix Knight United Kingdom

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Reviews and Testimonials

I like this app. It works great! This app really helps to increase our sales.

Sofabed Com

Exactly what I was looking for, support currency converter and most important of all it doesn’t duplicate your products.


I personally endorse this app. I have gained more traffic and sales due to this app.

Braceletsave Com

This app works great and I have gotten some good sells because of it.

Allies Retail

Best free app I have found to boost sales with notifications and get customers subscribed to email lists.

K And M Gifts