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Free effective tool to optimize images without losing their quality.

        7,000+ app installations

        5 rating on Shopify

        123+ reviews on Shopify

        Forever Free Plan

        Advanced Plan: $8.95/mo

  7,000+ app installations

 5 rating on Shopify

 123+ reviews on Shopify

  Forever Free Plan

  Advanced Plan: $8.95/mo

What is SEO Image Optimizer & Resizer about?

App Features

SEO Image Optimization App: Main Features

Shopify SEO Optimize Images App

Easily optimizes your images

Apply the changes to a selected group of images or the whole collection.

Retain the quality of your images

Resize pictures without any loss of quality.

Automatic optimization for newly added images

You can set it up so that Alt tag updates, image compression and image resizing are applied to newly added products.

Plan the updates for the products

Schedule updates on a monthly/weekly/daily basis.

Modify ALT tag text in the images

Use ALT text to improve the visibility of your site.

Get back to original image parameters when necessary

The Shopify Image Resizer App allows for restoring the changes.

Fast and Free support 24/7

Client-oriented, friendly support at your service.

Use the preview mode to compare the results

The Shopify SEO Image Optimizer & Resizer app shows immediate results.

Shopify SEO Optimize Images App
Made by professionals
with love
shopify expert

Made by professionals

with love

shopify expert

It’s obvious that you must use high-quality pictures for your product pages. Great images are a significant element of your content material that drives loyalty from your clients. However, it’s necessary to consider optimizing your files if you want to speed up your Shopify store.

The Shopify SEO Image Optimizer & Resizer app is an effective tool to optimize images without losing their quality.

When the optimization is poor, it can cause issues with a product page loading. Using the Image Resizer app will help you keep your Shopify store in order. As a result, the pages will rank higher in Google search and upload faster. The Photo Optimizer app supports SEO-friendly ALT tag photo texts on Shopify.

Just choose the content you want to optimize and wait for a result. You can restore the default features if you are not pleased with the results.

  • Helps resize, convert, and optimize your files with backups;
  • Forever free app with fast and free support;
  • Automatic scheduling of image processing and ALT text application.

Read the User Reviews and Testimonials

It’s easy to use and allows you to see the optimized image next to the original.

Amkha Seed

I love that it can automatically square your images in addition to compressing them.

Far Out Fab

You don’t have to spend time on minimizing your pics anymore. Do this with a single click.


Thats an instant savings of $25 just on photo optimization.

Childrens Toys Supermarket

This app optimizes the images and gives alt names with just few clicks.

Room To Rooms 

Modified all my sites 1300+ photos to the right size to display properly.

Loddiedadesigns Com

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Affordable prices for everyone

Free Plan

$ 0.00

Per Month
  • Optimize first 100 product images
  • Compare the results of optimization
  • Automatic optimization for images 
  • No quality loss 
  • Restore optimized images
  • Scheduling of Alt, resizing, compression 
  • 24/7 Absolutely Free And Fast Support 
  • Search for product images 
  • Full access to Store product images

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Advanced Plan

$ 8.95

Per Month
  • Unlimited access to product images
  •  Compare the results of optimization
  •  Automatic optimization for images
  •  No quality loss
  •  Restore optimized images
  •  Scheduling of Alt, resizing, compression
  •  24/7 Absolutely Free And Fast Support
  •  Search for product images
  •  Full access to Store product images

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