Quick Buy Bonus App

A shopify-based application that offers all users bonuses
and discounts for immediate purchases.


App Development




4 weeks

Who’s the client?


Our client was the Blue Pursuit brand. The founders had a goal to create a dedicated solution for Shopify App Store and monetize it through monthly subscription and commission from sales fee.

The client turned to us with the task of developing an application that would be able to stand the market competition and hold firm positions in Shopify App Store.

General tasks


The client initially had only a superficial vision of the end product, which meant that we had to implement a whole complex of primary tasks:

  • research & analyze the client’s concept;
  • offer a big picture of the client’s concept’s technical realization based on the development experience;
  • visualize the solution with markup;
  • evaluate the development costs according to the client’s tech reference;
  • fulfill the tech reference.

The project terms were quite tight, giving us two months to do the whole job.

The work we completed


Our team had to employ quite an extensive stack of technologies while working on the dedicated app which included: PHP 7.1 (Laravel 5.5.45 framework), React 16.0.2, MySQL, HTML, SASS, CSS. Senior and Middle specialists took part in the software development process. As a result, here’s what we achieved:

  • developers’ team (PM, AM, designer, developers) created markup & text descriptions for the solution (Product backlog);
  • AM & SM translated the optimal big picture of the whole project to the client and agreed upon the approximate budget;
  • developers’ team (PM, developers) implemented a potentially shippable product according to the set deadlines;
  • after the demonstration of a finished potentially shippable product to the client, we got a review, allowing the developers’ team (AM, PM, devs) to conduct bugfix procedures, organize tech support, help with publishing the app on Shopify App Store and enable some additional enhancements.

The results


The teamwork of our seasoned experts brought the following results:

  • a new dedicated app is published in Shopify App Store, fully corresponding with the Shopify requirements;
  • real merchants install & pay for the app on a regular basis.

The app received recognition on the Shopify app store after its launch. It’s still too early to tell performance, but SpurIT delivered high-quality app development work that demonstrated in-depth experience. The team was quick to answer questions, offer suggestions, and fix bugs as needed.

Grant Wydeven