AI innovations that are changing the world

By Anastasia Grinevich August 31, 2023
AI innovations that are changing the world

The world of AI is constantly evolving, and it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we’ve put together this roundup of fresh and useful AI tools, and news.
Let’s see how AI can help your business.

AI-enhanced search and content generation

Google’s generative search shows related videos and images

Google is adding contextual images and videos to its AI-powered Search Generative Experiment (SGE). The feature is now available to select users who signed up for the experiment through Google Labs. SGE also shows the date of publishing for links that are suggested. The search giant made performance improvements so that users can quickly get AI-powered results.

YouTube experiments with AI auto-generated video summaries

YouTube is testing AI-generated video summaries to help users quickly understand a video’s content. The summaries are only available for a limited number of English-language videos and viewers. It’s too early to tell how the AI summaries will affect YouTube creators, but it’s an interesting experiment that could help users find the right videos more quickly.

GPTBot – web crawler for AI

GPTBot is a web crawler developed by OpenAI. It crawls web pages to collect information for AI models. GPTBot respects website owners’ preferences and privacy concerns. Website owners can allow or prevent GPTBot from accessing their websites.

AI-powered content creation and assistance

AI-powered content creation and assistance

News Corp using AI to produce news stories a week

News Corp Australia uses AI to write 3,000 local news articles per week. The AI-generated articles cover topics like weather, fuel prices, and traffic, and are overseen by journalists. This approach aims to enhance service information and reflects a broader trend in newsrooms exploring AI’s potential.

AudioCraf –  generative AI tool for audio and music

Meta introduces AudioCraft, an AI tool that generates high-quality audio and music from text.

AudioCraft consists of three models: MusicGen, AudioGen, and EnCodec. MusicGen generates music from text prompts, while AudioGen generates audio from text prompts. EnCodec is a decoder that enhances music generation by reducing artifacts.

AudioCraft is open-sourced for research purposes to help advance the field of AI-generated audio. It can be used by musicians, sound designers, and researchers to create new compositions, sound effects, and music.

ChatGPT — release notes

These notes present the updates and enhancements to ChatGPT, including custom instructions, model upgrades like GPT-4, app expansions, plugins, and performance improvements. They also detail features like browsing, suggested replies, and the code interpreter beta, designed to cater to users’ customization and interaction needs.

AI for development and automation

CodeStory – AI-powered mod of VSCode

CodeStory is an AI-powered extension for VSCode that automates many coding tasks, freeing developers to focus on ideation and iteration. With CodeStory, you can instruct the AI assistant “Aide” to generate code, execute terminal commands, refactor, fix bugs, and more. CodeStory also provides code explanations, auto-generated pull request summaries, and support for multiple programming languages. The goal is to make coding more enjoyable and productive by leveraging AI.

Sweep – a tool for automating processes

Sweep is a tool that helps developers manage their code and technical debt more efficiently. It automates mundane tasks, identifies and fixes tech debt, and generates repository-level code changes. Sweep integrates with GitHub Actions and other tools, and users say it saves them time and improves code quality.

AI for communication and interaction

LMSys Chat – a new service for communication

Chatbot Arena is a service that allows users to engage in conversations with two anonymous chatbot models and vote for the better one. Conversations can occur before voting, but the identities of the models are revealed only after voting. The service is intended for non-commercial use and collects user dialogue data. It has certain usage restrictions, but it supports both closed-source (e.g., ChatGPT) and open-source (e.g., Llama, Vicuna) chatbot models for interactive comparison.

AI-driven branding and content creation

STORI AI – a new tool for creating stories using AI

STORI AI uses artificial intelligence to help users create on-brand content. The platform offers features for brand identity formation, content creation, social media connection, and growth. It aims to assist users with their content creation and branding efforts by providing tools to generate content for social media posts and blog articles. STORI AI showcases user testimonials and reviews that praise its ability to automate content creation and improve branding strategies. The platform emphasizes its ability to help brands stand out and resonate with their target audience through AI-driven solutions.

AI impact on privacy and data usage

Zoom updated its Terms of Service to use user data for AI training

The Zoom’s updated terms have been met with criticism from privacy advocates, who argue that they violate user privacy. Zoom has since made some adjustments to the terms, but it remains to be seen whether these changes will be enough to address the concerns raised.


AI is the key to success in eCommerce. Businesses that use AI to personalize their offerings, optimize their operations, and predict customer behavior are the ones that will thrive in the future. If you’re not using AI, now is the time to start.

Contact our team today, and we’ll help you choose the most suited AI solutions for your needs and implement them effectively.

Anastasia Grinevich

Anastasia Grinevich

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