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How to come up with a creative business name: tips and examples

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Deciding on the name of your eCommerce business is one of the basic things that can predefine the overall success and recognition of the brand. It acts as an introduction to what you do and serves to explain the basic values that stand behind your business entity. This rule applies to the company logo as well.

There are thousands of business names in the digital era, some of them are catchy while others fail to impress ordinary consumers. It is no wonder that choosing the right name can be a path full of mistakes and disappointments. Whenever you feel stuck, this challenge may overwhelm and disappoint you some extent.

Following the best practices for choosing a good business name is essential to choose a name that will stick in your customers’ memories and reflect your personality as a business owner. What are the things to keep in mind when choosing a creative business name? Are you ready to learn how to choose a business name in a competitive eCommerce environment?


How to choose a company name and logo: practical tips

Yes, it takes a lot to be memorable in a crowd of similar brands. However, doing some preparatory work can save you a lot of time in the future. Starting with some research will help you to understand how to create a company name and logo and save time.

  1. Make sure that your company name doesn’t sound similar to your competitors.
  2. Brainstorm ideas without censorship – write them down on paper
  3. Be creative and combine the company name with a visually appealing logo.
  4. Don’t make clients guess what you are selling.
  5. Test your name in different real-life scenarios.
  6. Receive feedback from trusted people, friends or relatives.
  7. See if your name is available using available resources.
  8. If your name is not available, consult a thesaurus to generate related words.
  9. Name your company using name generators if you’ve run out of ideas for your brand.

Starting with the right business name and logo can contribute a lot to the way people perceive your brand. However, if you fail to create an emotional connection with prospective clients, it will be hard to appeal to audiences.

How to come up with a great brand name: make an impact

Once you’ve learned the practical tips for choosing a catchy business name, let’s get to the basics of your creative process.

Know what your target audience wants

The name of your brand is generally one of the first things your customers will encounter. It is a form of communication with clients and a means of establishing a connection, a sense of trust, and credibility. If you manage to deliver an obvious, straightforward message with your business name, it will be easy to explain what products or services you deliver. The power of the right words is hard to underestimate: you can create meaning and trust with just one word, like with the example of Best Buy or Whole Foods.

The name of your business should bring to mind positive images in your clients. Remember that you simply can’t appeal to everyone. Try hard to influence a selected group of customers that will understand your message.

One of the greatest examples of customer-oriented business names is The Devil’s Gear Bike Shop. The name sets the tone for customers and attracts attention with its fierce connotation.


Tell a story

Write down a list of words that describe what you do with the most precision. Create a long list of all possible options: the sky’s the limit. Don’t be too shy to collect advice from the people who know your products and work closely with your company. It is great to brainstorm numerous ideas and note down them for further evaluation.

Don’t think outside the niche you are going to work with. However, if you create a specific name that serves one industry, it may be difficult to expand your business to larger areas. Your ambitions should have a large say in the naming process. For example, some companies know for sure how to stand out and be recognizable after a decade of existence.

Newegg, one of the largest retailers delivering tech-focused solutions, started by selling consumer electronics back in 2001. We can find on their website the following: “Traditionally, the egg is a symbol of birth and unlimited potential. The founders selected “Newegg” as the company name to signify new hope for e-commerce during a period when e-commerce businesses were struggling to survive”. The company’s founders created a name that will have a chance to compete in future. If they decide to opt out for new technologies, like AR/VR devices, it will still be easy to find new customers and create buzz.


Unforgettable business name

The times when unique business names sprang up with the speed of sound seem to have gone forever. Aversely, simple and funny names like Flickr or Tumblr come into play: they are easy to remember and recognize.

The general rule of thumb is to avoid complicated words that can be easily misspelled on Google search. A successful business name should be easy to pronounce and spell, otherwise, it will be embarrassing to mistype it. Imagine how many potential customers you may lose if people are not be able to share your name with others. Word of mouth is a great way to spread the information about your brand: don’t confuse your advertisers on social media.

In addition, consumers tend to associate simple terms with reliable and intelligent features of a business. You may significantly hurt your public image if you use complex language when naming your brand. This, of course, doesn’t apply to Louis Vuitton or Stella Artois; these brands can’t be mistaken for others because the public already knows what is behind their complicated business names.

Kodak, for example, is a name that is easy to pronounce and remember. Its creator, George Eastman knew for sure how to create a brand name that would be pleasant to the ear.

When choosing the right brand name that sells, take into account the current trends and styles that dominate the market. Let’s see how these bestselling business names follow what is in fashion:

1. Deja Brew Cafe


Despite the made-up name that makes the company stand out, Deja Brew has a memorable brand that is supported by a fresh unique style.

2. Walt Disney

Walt Disney

The company’s recognizable brand chose a the real name and surname of its founder. It reflects the history of the brand and signifies leadership and the highest standards of entertainment.

3. Staples and Starbucks

The above brands use simple and easy-to-pronounce words that stick in the minds of clients.


4. IBM


The successful example of IBM has made other businesses go for abbreviations and acronyms as an official business name.

5. Iron Flame

Iron Flame

The name of the IT Company uses a strong visual image to support their brand.

6. SuperCuts


Apart from describing the service, SuperCuts manages to create a unique image of its brand. Your final choice of business name could resonate with customers or make them forget about it immediately. The stakes are too high to overlook; don’t waste your opportunity to build an amazing brand around a catchy business name.

Andrey Kulikov

Andrey Kulikov

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