Dropshipping Niche: 15+ Tips for Beginners [2021 Checklist]

By Anton Zialionka September 8, 2021 November 18th, 2021 No Comments
Dropshipping Niche 15+ Tips for Beginners [2021 Checklist]

When it comes to dropshipping, the most complicated question is what to sell. Here you’ve got two options: sell viral products like pop its, spinners, Tik Tok leggings, etc., or focus on the items that will stay with us longer than one trendy season.

Coming up with product ideas can be tricky; that’s why we’ve prepared a product selection checklist. Dropshipping products and not only should meet almost all the below-mentioned criteria (there may be some exceptions) to become successful:

  1. have a stable market demand;
  2. be or have the potential to become consumer goods;
  3. have a revenue potential of at least $500,000/month in the global market;
  4. be in the price range of up to $60 per product;
  5. have a calculated average check above $30;
  6. product cost, including shipping costs to buyers, must be at least 2.5 times cheaper than the final product cost (if the product cost is $10, including shipping, then its final price must be at least $25);
  7. have an explicit repeat purchase logic;
  8. not be banned from Facebook and Google ads;
  9. not contain lithium-ion or other batteries;
  10. the planned percentage of returns should not exceed 5%;
  11. be of good quality;
  12. not a product that requires (and does not have) certification in the EU / USA
  13. be able to create a white-label brand (branding of a product and packaging);
  14. be 100% safe for your health.

It will be an added plus if the product meets the following criteria:

  • doesn’t contain liquids (affects the cost of logistics from China);
  • it is light and small, one of the product sides in the package should not exceed 60cm (affects the cost of logistics from China);
  • it is unbreakable.

Dropshipper or print-on-demand store owners can sell the product. If the product is marketed on a print-on-demand basis, the criteria may be modified to reflect the logistical and physical characteristics of the product.

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