From science fiction to reality: How AI is reshaping our world

By Anastasia Grinevich June 22, 2023 July 5th, 2023

Every week, the esteemed SpurIT team convenes for the highly anticipated Chat-GPT Weekly Meeting. This exclusive gathering serves as a platform for us to divulge the groundbreaking outcomes of our pet projects, unveil the latest AI marvels reshaping the world, and share our profound insights gained from their practical implementation.

Keeping up with the rapid advancements in AI can be challenging. We understand the desire to stay updated and find useful resources despite limited time. That’s why we’ve created a concise collection of the latest AI news, providing valuable tools and inspiration.

Delve into this compelling read and savor the experience.

New horizons of AI by Nvidia

Let’s start with the latest news, and this time it’s about hardware. Nvidia made a major AI announcement that didn’t quite create the same buzz as Google IO, or the in-depth analysis about Microsoft, where AI was the talk of the town. However, Nvidia didn’t just report on its profits and server and GPU updates. They are also diving headfirst into the world of AI, unveiling new supercomputers specifically designed for advanced training. In a nutshell, AI is where all the action is. And guess what? Google Cloud and Microsoft are already gearing up to ship their first computers equipped with cutting-edge Hopper technology. This second generation of technology promises to push the boundaries even further, multiplying computational power and significantly accelerating networks. It’s a crucial topic worth highlighting. As a result of these advancements, Nvidia’s stock experienced an astronomical surge, and the company’s market value crossed the trillion-dollar mark. It has now earned its place in the Hall of Fame alongside industry giants like Tesla, Microsoft, and Google.

AI assistant for efficient time management

Among the fascinating selection of products, there are already some intriguing options that are closer to addressing real-world challenges. Take, for instance, the sleek Magic flow tracker. Once connected as an application, it automatically monitors your activities throughout the day. It keeps track of how often you switch tasks, where your focus is directed, the duration of your breaks, your productive hours, and even the time spent away from your computer. This tool is a dream come true for any project manager, providing valuable insights from a productivity standpoint with both positive and constructive feedback. The annual subscription is priced at $8/month, while the monthly option costs $15. Although primarily designed for personal time tracking, it offers a comprehensive understanding of your performance, revealing areas for potential improvement. 

AI tool designed for swiftly reviewing information

Another intriguing startup called ShortfornAI has caught our attention, as they position themselves as a comprehensive summarization solution. Sumraizer goes beyond just news articles; it allows users to summarize a wide range of content such as video news, YouTube videos, emails, documents (including Google Docs), and even searches on platforms like Amazon and social media networks. It’s a versatile summarizer available as a Google Chrome extension.

However, it’s worth noting that the service comes with a price tag of $24 per month. Presumably, this indicates that they utilize OpenAI’s APIs to deliver their summarization capabilities. It’s intriguing to consider how this service manages the balance between user privacy and data security.

Is it possible to have an automatic blog?

We recently came across something intriguing called Simulai. According to the creators, this tool can generate a personalized blog for you in just two seconds. They claim that it not only creates the blog but also populates it with various posts, tailored to your domain, service, or business. Furthermore, you can even add a Site map and integrate Google Search to ensure easy discoverability. It’s an exciting offering, priced at $99 per month for 1000 posts. What’s particularly interesting about this example is the unique monetization opportunity it presents. It goes beyond mere API reselling, allowing users to explore new possibilities.

AI for file management

In this groundbreaking endeavor, an enthusiastic individual has embarked on reimagining the computer’s file system by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. The goal is to create a comprehensive catalog of files, similar to what we achieve with Pinecone but tailored explicitly for files. By subjecting the file system to a sophisticated algorithm, all files are intelligently classified, resulting in a mental map that encapsulates your entire file collection.

Imagine the convenience of simply instructing your computer, “Find me the report on that particular subject,” and within seconds, the requested document is at your fingertips. However, it is crucial to address the paramount concern of data security in this context.

The GPTfile system can be deployed locally through a Python file, and the usage of an OpenAI key is essential for its operation.

Latest advancements in generative photography and image editing

Midjourney’s selfie feature: Taking generative photography to the next level

The new feature introduced by Midjourney, which allows users to take selfies, has sparked an intriguing discussion. People have come up with a multitude of creative ideas surrounding this topic, making it a truly remarkable development. With this feature, it’s not just about generating an image; you can now insert your own photo, and Midjourney intelligently understands your positioning, seamlessly generating content around you. It takes generative photography to the next level, representing a significant leap forward. The results are simply stunning.

Powerful image manipulation with Photoshop’s remarkable transformation

Additionally, there have been other exciting updates in the world of photography this week. One notable advancement is the photo transformation capability, which allows you to manipulate and move any element within an image. This incredible functionality is also available in the latest version of Photoshop. Photoshop, once considered lagging behind, has undergone a remarkable transformation itself. It has become a powerful tool that enables precise selection and manipulation of various components within an image. For example, you can easily select a portion, such as a frying pan, and with just a few clicks, Photoshop can generate mouthwatering steaks with multiple variations, complete with perfectly cast shadows on the plate or the sizzling pan. It even adds a realistic touch of smoke. This advancement is a game-changer, elevating graphic design and image editing to a whole new level. It offers an exhilarating experience that is sure to captivate all photography enthusiasts.

Remarkable rendering and aerial perspectives with minimal photos

Have you ever seen the rendering of the Titanic, which was accomplished using a staggering 700,000 sea photos? It is truly remarkable. But here’s the incredible part: this technology can also simulate aerial perspectives, as if captured by a quadcopter, without the need for an actual one. With just a handful of photos, it autonomously generates and renders detailed scenes, employing multiple passes to achieve the desired outcome. However, it’s worth noting that such intricate models require substantial graphics card memory, approximately 15 gigabytes, for efficient processing. This requirement, although demanding, doesn’t undermine the emergence of these remarkable capabilities. You can now create impressive visual effects right from the comfort of your own home, surpassing the boundaries of mere filmmaking and venturing into the realm of personal creativity.

Revolutionizing gaming and digital experience

Furthermore, these advancements hold great potential for the gaming industry. In a notable instance shared by NVIDIA, an application for game development showcased a bartender character set in a cyberpunk 2077 environment. The protagonist engages in conversations with a network that fully supports dynamic dialogue, offering an elevated level of immersion and interactivity. Such innovations are poised to revolutionize both gaming and the overall digital experience.

AI as a tool to enhance the potential of the human mind

Another intriguing development on the horizon is a revolutionary service that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence as a second brain. In the case of intellectually advanced individuals, their thoughts converge, and now there’s a second brain equipped with generative capabilities, enabling the processing of various file formats such as PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and more. Moreover, it leverages the cloud with a staggering capacity of 100,000, allowing the creators to build this remarkable platform. All you need to do is upload your files and let it work its magic.

Enhance sales and engagement – create your own podcast chatbot

The next tool is Swell AI, specifically designed for sales purposes. It allows individuals to create their own chatbot for podcasts. By simply inserting a podcast link, you can obtain a chatbot that facilitates question-and-answer interactions related to the podcast. For instance, if you’re unable to listen to the entire podcast, you can upload it to Swell AI and engage in a conversation with the bot.

AI technologies for simplifying coding

Adding to the ever-growing collection of programming tools, we have yet another addition. This latest tool presents itself as an AI-powered auto-code extension for Chrome.

Discovering new antibiotics: the power and ethical dilemmas of neural networks

There is another intriguing aspect that is more closely tied to the real world. Using this model, researchers discovered a new antibiotic in just two and a half hours last week. Test A yielded an impressive number of approximately 200 or 300 different antibiotics. However, one particular antibiotic demonstrated remarkable effectiveness against previously unbeatable bacteria. It’s truly remarkable that such progress was made in just a short amount of time. This accomplishment showcases the immense potential of neural networks in practical applications. However, it also raises ethical concerns.

Similar cases have been examined in various discussions. For instance, using a regular computer, researchers were able to generate approximately 10,000 new pathogens within a week, potentially weaponizing them. This topic evokes both admiration and apprehension. On one hand, we are in awe of the possibilities presented by artificial intelligence. On the other hand, there is a deep sense of unease due to the fear of artificial intelligence evolving into something resembling the doomsday scenario depicted in the movie Terminator.

It’s important to note that artificial intelligence itself does not possess the capacity to harm humans. Its impact depends on how it is utilized. While it can be leveraged to create life-saving medications, it also holds the potential for weaponization. Thus, the ethical implications surrounding this subject are paramount.

New approach to multimodal AI

Another fascinating topic that caught our attention is the CoDi model. This specific model is a multimodal AI that can handle multiple combinations of text, video, descriptions, and other elements. It has the ability to generate text, images, and even animations. This makes it an incredibly intriguing concept, more like a theoretical exploration of how it all came together. However, there is a code available for you to try out and experience firsthand. We believe the next breakthrough, following GPT chat, will be in the form of multimodal models that can seamlessly handle various tasks without the need for switching between them.

Unleashing advanced lip-syncing and instant video translation

We have an impressive model from Meta that surpasses lip-syncing and offers instant video translation in over 1,100 languages. In fact, it’s equipped with knowledge of approximately 4,000 languages. This particular model excels in synchronous translation to various languages and its availability for commercial use remains uncertain. It’s remarkable to have a model capable of handling thousands of languages. Additionally, the latest model from Meta weighs 36 GB and can effortlessly run on a high-performance graphics card.

AI as a companionship solution

Introducing the latest innovation, GirlfriendGPT, a solution designed for individuals who experience loneliness and seek meaningful conversations. This model serves as a simulator, capable of embodying both male and female personas. What’s more, there are localized versions available, offering a higher level of personalization and enabling discussions on a wide range of topics. It’s truly remarkable how this particular use case has gained significant traction. Unexpectedly, people have discovered the joy of engaging in conversations, not limited to merely solving technical problems. This specialized model appears to have been enhanced through the utilization of prompts.

Your personal creative bartender and culinary innovator

BarGPT possesses the remarkable ability to spontaneously craft a wide array of beverages or intriguing dishes. Moreover, it has the capacity to generate exquisitely captivating images associated with these creations. Should you desire to sample a cocktail tailored to suit your mood, this ingenious invention will concoct a personalized beverage, akin to a genuine bartender.

Unleashing the potential of coworking with AI

Coworking with AI has become a valuable assistant that comes in various forms. There are already specialized AI tools available for specific use cases such as optimization and cost reduction, which people are now selling for around $500. The market is filled with numerous options. However, the primary challenge lies in effectively monetizing these offerings. With accessibility being widespread, even among those who may not possess extensive technical knowledge, people are starting to assess the value they receive and determine what they are willing to pay for. Some prioritize convenience and other intriguing features, while others may not be inclined to explore the full range of possibilities.

Text understanding AI technology

What’s particularly fascinating is the availability of OCR models that operate directly on the web. In the past, OCR was limited to being performed either on a specific device or through service websites. However, with Donut, OCR capabilities are now accessible on the web. This front-end tool showcases highly advanced models capable of seamless, real-time execution, including on individual devices. This opens up a whole range of interesting applications, such as identifying and deciphering various signage, documents, receipts, and more. The possibilities for practical utilization are vast.

Summing up

On a broader note, it seems that nowadays, every startup aims to develop AI projects that are user-friendly, but the real challenge lies in finding sustainable revenue models. For instance, in the vast market of App Store clones, there is a constant influx of approximately a hundred new ChatGPT clones attempting to secure a place in the “New” category in the App Store. The competition in this space is incredibly fierce. The fortunate few who managed to establish themselves early on are already reaping substantial financial rewards.

While AI holds the potential to revolutionize our lives, it also raises important ethical and social considerations. Prioritizing transparency, accountability, and fairness is crucial in addressing concerns such as algorithmic bias and privacy. By responsibly harnessing the power of AI, we can shape a brighter future that upholds human rights and promotes equitable progress.

Anastasia Grinevich

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