The future of tech: exploring revolutionary AI tools and advancements

By Anastasia Grinevich June 29, 2023 July 5th, 2023
The future of tech: exploring revolutionary AI tools and advancements

In today’s fast-paced world of technological advancements, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Recent studies by GitHub have revealed an astonishing trend: over 92% of developers have already harnessed the power of AI in their code. This trend signifies a notable transformation occurring in the market. 

Are you eager to explore the realm of AI? Look no further! In this article, we aim to highlight cutting-edge AI tools and advancements, providing insights into their features, benefits, and potential impact across different sectors. Let’s dive in!

AI tools for conversations and transcriptions

​​ is dedicated to revolutionizing conversations by transforming them into actionable outcomes. With its voice assistant and transcription tools, it streamlines your team’s workflow. As a transcription service, it transcribes meetings, action items, and phone calls.


Chaindesk is a versatile data tool for creating GPT agents based on datasets. It enables users to parse websites, generate impressive responses, and handle complex scenarios like PDF uploads. The interface allows easy agent customization and integration into domains. Integration with Slack adds convenience.


Pensieve is a powerful platform that offers a wide range of features to help you efficiently manage your PDF files. With Pensieve, you can easily convert PDFs to editable formats and make the necessary changes seamlessly. The platform also allows you to upload PDFs up to 10 megabytes in size for free, enabling you to work with larger files without any cost constraints. Additionally, Pensieve recently achieved the third-place ranking on Product Hunt, which reflects its popularity and recognition.

AI tools for content creation and learning

AI-generated video tutorials

AI-generated video tutorials is an AI-powered tool that allows you to generate video tutorials or courses. It can be run locally on your machine since the source code is available on GitHub. By inputting a topic and parameters, the program creates tutorial videos with a narrator discussing the topic. 


Sqriblr is a content creation tool that takes your writing to the next level. By utilizing ChatGPT and graphic capabilities, Sqriblr empowers users to create exceptional content while seamlessly integrating custom illustrations. 


Mods is a user-friendly tool designed to facilitate the utilization of AI on the command line and in pipelines. It leverages the capabilities of LLM-based AI to interpret command output and provide results in formats suitable for CLI, such as Markdown. With Mods, integrating AI into your workflow becomes effortless. It supports both OpenAI and LocalAI.


LocalAI is a tool that lets you use powerful artificial intelligence models on your own computer or server. It’s like a special program that can understand and generate text, transcribe audio, and create images. The great thing is that it doesn’t need a fancy graphics card (GPU) or an internet connection to work.

Regarding their popularity, it’s worth noting that LocalAI has gained significant traction, with over 6000 stars in less than a month. This indicates a high level of interest and relevance in the field.

AI tools for various applications

Vertex AI

Vertex AI is Google’s solution that aims to compete with OpenAI by offering a range of comparable resources. Google has taken great strides to consolidate and structure their various developments into a unified tool. Unlike OpenAI’s token-based pricing, Vertex AI charges based on the number of characters, regardless of language. This allows users to have a clear understanding of the costs involved. Additionally, Vertex AI boasts impressive speed and efficiency, ensuring quick results for users. 


An increasing number of people are becoming concerned about privacy, particularly when it comes to data storage and network usage. Numerous guides exist on this topic, including GPT-4AL, a minimal model occupying just 353 gigabytes. This model is suitable for local use and ensures privacy. 

ChatGPT for web scraping automation

The following case involves utilizing ChatGPT and the web scraping library BeautifulSoup to extract information from websites. By combining these tools, we can efficiently study competitors, gather valuable data, and automate the process of organizing this information.

AI tools for creative and visual applications

QR code AI art generator

Hugging Face recently launched a QR code AI art generator that is available for free. This innovative tool has the ability to convert both images and prompts into highly detailed QR codes.

To use the generator, all you need to do is supply an image and a prompt. The generator will then work its magic and produce a QR code that is intricately designed, resulting in a visually appealing output.

Nvidia SceneScape

NVIDIA Research has recently unveiled SceneScape, an innovative approach to generating immersive, long-term walkthroughs in fictional environments using only a single text prompt.

With SceneScape, users can simply provide a descriptive text prompt, such as “forest at sunset,” and the technology will automatically generate a detailed 3D model of the scene. This breakthrough allows for the creation of virtual environments that can be explored and experienced as if they were real.

Adobe Illustrator’s generative Recolor

The Generative Recolor feature in Adobe Illustrator offers an innovative approach to recoloring vector art. With a few simple steps, users can completely transform the color scheme of their artwork by providing a text prompt. 


ClipDrop is a website that has gained popularity for its ability to enhance and combine images. It provides a real-time content enhancement feature, allowing users to add missing elements to their images. Additionally, the service offers a variety of image options to choose from. 

AI tools for business and productivity


UserEvaluation is an innovative AI tool that aims to transform the process of evaluating and interacting with customers for businesses. This cutting-edge software is specifically designed to analyze research data, engage in interactive conversations with AI, and effortlessly present valuable insights. By leveraging the power of UserEvaluation, businesses can streamline their survey processes, collect comprehensive feedback, and quickly analyze results.

Saga AI

Saga AI is a collaborative workspace for notes, documents, and tasks. It helps users draft content, generate ideas, fix grammar, and translate to 20+ languages. Users can have multiple conversations with the AI simultaneously, without switching apps or copy-pasting. 


Jaqnjil is an advanced AI-powered tool designed to assist businesses in saving time by enabling them to generate high-quality, professional content within seconds. With a wide range of features and functionalities, Jaqnjil streamlines the content creation process and empowers users with its efficiency.


The Gajix AI Learning Assistant is a powerful tool designed to facilitate users in comprehending a wide range of subjects and websites quickly. Its primary objective is to deliver personalized learning experiences and search outcomes that go beyond the traditional search results. By leveraging its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, Gajix AI empowers users to comprehend complex concepts and tackle challenging topics with ease.


Plum is a financial app that uses AI, automation, and smart features to help users save, invest, and manage money. It aims to achieve financial well-being by providing tools for saving, investing, and money management. Users can order a Plum Card, load it with money, and activate it through the app. is an all-in-one AI-powered content creation suite for bloggers, content creators, and copywriters. It streamlines workflows, replacing multiple apps and log-ins with one comprehensive platform. Features include image generation, copywriting, AI chat, speech-to-text, and coding tools. 

Autory AI

Autory AI is a code-free productivity tool for content marketers and writers. It automates workflows by chaining APIs, GPT-3, and code snippets into modules. You can create tailored, high-quality content that resonates with your target audience effortlessly.


Yatterplus is your AI assistant on WhatsApp. It provides instant answers, language translation, math calculations, and more. It’s perfect for quick and accurate information anytime, anywhere.


Bugasura is a bug tracking software built for fast-moving modern technology teams. With Bugasura, users can track, report, and manage issues easily, collaborate with teams, vendors, and customers to close bugs faster, and streamline their workflow.

Integration of AI in vehicles

ChatGPT into Cars

Mercedes-Benz has announced its plans to integrate ChatGPT, an advanced conversational AI system, into their vehicles. This integration will enable drivers to utilize voice commands to perform various tasks conveniently.

AI solutions and platforms

Google’s virtual try-on experience

Google has launched an innovative virtual try-on experience, enabling users to visualize how different clothing items will look on various real human models. This cutting-edge feature aims to alleviate the common disappointment of encountering an “expectation vs. reality” mismatch when receiving online orders.


Today’s AI technology may not be as flashy as what we see in movies, but its impact is undeniable. It has the potential to transform customer experiences, drive higher conversion rates, and streamline business operations.

If you’re aiming to provide the ultimate shopping experience on your eCommerce website, SpurIT specializes in developing AI-based eCommerce solutions that offer numerous benefits. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we can help keep your business on track and ahead of the competition.

Anastasia Grinevich

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