Your path to innovation: handpicked AI tools and courses

By Anastasia Grinevich July 20, 2023
Your path to innovation handpicked AI tools and courses

This week, we’ve put together another hand-picked selection of fresh and useful AI tools, courses, and news that can benefit your business.
Let’s dive in!

AI projects and collaborative systems


Swarms is an innovative AI project by Agora, using Language Models (LLM) as autonomous agents to form a dynamic and collaborative AI system. They aim to transform AI from isolated agents to a unified swarm, advancing Humanity through collective insights from 1500+ researchers.

AI exploration and information presentation

Albus is a fun and creative tool for exploring various topics. It combines the power of AI with human input to enhance its capabilities. Users can open different topics, add notes, organize content, and find relevant images. Asking questions, discovering new perspectives, and sparking ideas are encouraged. Sharing and presenting content is made easy. Albus aims to engage users in learning and presenting information. Keep in mind that it uses ChatGPT, which may occasionally provide inaccurate information about people, places, or facts.

AI tools and utilities


Tinyvector is a fast, small, and efficient vector embedding database. Built on Flask, SQLite, and Numpy, it offers easy customization in under 500 lines of code. Its memory-based indexing allows fast querying, scaling well to large datasets. It’s open-source and will soon have powerful SQL querying and integrated model support, with Python/JS client packages for easy integration. 

Google Bard API 

Google Bard API is a Python package designed to interact with Google Bard, an AI chatbot. Using a specific cookie value, it returns responses. However, it’s essential to use it responsibly as it’s not free and intended primarily for testing due to the delayed official API. The package is lightweight and can easily adapt to an official API in the future. Nonetheless, using it for other purposes is strongly discouraged. 

AI in customer insights and product discovery is an AI-powered product discovery platform that can quickly turn customer data into actionable insights. The tool lets you automatically analyze customer feedback with the accuracy of human capabilities and automates the analysis of customer interviews. provides transcripts in any language and extracts important highlights such as pain points, habits, and needs.

AI in operating systems and software development

Windows 11 unleashes the power of AI

Windows 11 integrates advanced AI features like Windows Copilot and Bing Chat plugins, transforming the user experience and empowering developers. With its user-friendly interface and enhanced Microsoft Store, Windows 11 embraces AI to create a smarter, more efficient, and user-focused platform.

ChatGPT Browse on temporary pause

ChatGPT Browse with Bing is a feature for ChatGPT Plus subscribers to search the web. Some users exploited this feature to bypass paywalls on websites, gaining unauthorized access to paywalled content. OpenAI took prompt action, disabling the feature temporarily to address the issue and respect content owners’ rights.

AI in chip design and image processing

Chinese researchers design RISC-V CPU in record time

Chinese researchers used AI to design a new RISC-V CPU in under 5 hours, much faster than humans. Though humorously compared to an i486 in performance, it achieved 99.99999999999% accuracy. This AI-driven chip design could reduce cycles in the semiconductor industry and pave the way for self-evolving machines.


Vectorizer.AI is an AI-powered tool that converts JPEG and PNG bitmaps into SVG vectors quickly and easily. It uses powerful GPUs and multi-core CPUs to analyze, process, and convert images from pixels into geometric shapes. The resulting vector image can be scaled to any resolution without getting blurry, and can be used to print, cut, embroider, and more. Vectorizer.AI supports full 32-bit color, including the alpha channel, and exports in formats such as SVG, PDF, EPS, DXF, and PNG.

AI courses and learning platforms

Microsoft’s AI Skills Initiative

Microsoft drives its AI Skills Initiative, empowering individuals worldwide with essential AI skills. Through strategic partnerships, engaging virtual events, and comprehensive training programs, participants gain access to abundant job opportunities and confront global challenges. The initiative prioritizes generative AI and responsible practices, ensuring that everyone can harness the potential of AI in the rapidly evolving digital economy.

Unveiling AI: LinkedIn’s online course

LinkedIn has launched “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” an online course that explores key AI concepts and their practical benefits in various aspects of products, life, and careers. The course is tailored for project managers, executives, and AI enthusiasts, and it covers topics such as machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning. By taking this course, you can gain a better understanding of AI, learn about algorithms, and distinguish AI from machine learning.

NLP Course: master transformer models

Hugging Face introduces a free NLP course, covering transformer models and their applications. Participants learn Python-based libraries like transformers, datasets, and tokenizers. The course includes fine-tuning, NLP tasks, speech processing, and computer vision applications. No prior PyTorch or TensorFlow knowledge is required, but Python proficiency is assumed. 


EducUp is an educational platform that offers gamified courses on various subjects such as Languages, Math, Personal Finance, and Graphic Design. EducUp Studio is a feature that allows users to create their own gamified and interactive courses using AI in just a few minutes. The platform is designed to make learning easy and enjoyable, and it offers a variety of courses taught by top experts in their respective fields.


Today, AI technology has the incredible potential to transform how customers experience your business, increase sales, and optimize your operations. If you want to create an outstanding shopping experience for your eCommerce store, SpurIT can help with our AI-powered eCommerce solutions. Using the power of AI, we can keep your business ahead of the competition and achieve remarkable results that will delight your customers.

Anastasia Grinevich

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