Analytics integration app for multiple Shopify stores

  • App development
  • B2B

Project details

  • Team

    Tech Lead, 2 Full Stack Developers, QA, Project
    Manager, Account Manager

  • Technologies

    PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Redis, AWS, ReactJS,
    Shopify Polaris, Shopify liquid, Shopify API

  • Time

    2 months

  • The task

    Develop an app to integrate Snowplow analytics service with multiple Shopify+ stores.


  • +75%

    conversion rate

  • +100%


  • +92%

    code quality

About the business

The client is a major player in the field of eCommerce consulting. Besides, the client manages websites for many global brands.

Challenges and solutions

Initially, the customer required a team of eCommerce experts to create a public app for integrating the Snowplow service with customer’s Shopify websites. 

The integration had to be implemented on several high-profile companies’ websites, including Steve Madden. So, we proposed to develop a public app for configuring all accesses and integrating Shopify and Snowplow. This app will collect and send data when a specific event occurs.

In this case, however, the public application was not a suitable solution due to the customer’s needs.


Before the work started, we held a few sessions with specialists carrying out this kind of integration manually on one of the customer’s websites. We have carefully studied the Snowplow documentation and figured out what events should be tracked.

About the app

The analytics are gathered based on standard eCommerce events: viewing a product, adding an item to a cart, checkout, leaving the website, browsing, and many others. Once these data have been processed by Snowplow, they are passed on to store owners for commercial purposes.

Analytics collection and processing

Ring configuration, price, and visuals should be transferred to the order. Taking into account that the price in the Price product is not actual, but instead taken from a service configurator, we employed the DraftOrder API to transfer it. When a DraftOrder is created, all ring details are added as Shopify order properties. Then, ring properties are displayed on the checkout page, including links to ring images, prices, and basic ring characteristics.


It was crucial for the customer to collect all the relevant data from various large Shopify websites, particularly those with a significant inventory of over 40,000 products. And we successfully met the challenge by offering an out-of-the-box solution and ensuring a seamless connection between the analytics collection service and the customer’s Shopify stores.

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