Irresistible Me: Theme customization

  • Custom theme development
  • Health, beauty, and cosmetics

Project details

  • Team

    Senior Full Stack Developer, 2 Mid-Level Full
    Stack Developers, Team Lead, Project
    Manager, Account Manager

  • Technologies

    Native JavaScript, Shopify REST API, Shopify
    GraphQL API, HTML5, SCSS, Shopify Theme
    Liquid, Braintree payments API, Avalara API,
    Klaviyo API

  • Time

    2,5 months

  • The task

    To enhance the UX of a Shopify store by implementing a redesign, ensuring that the theme operates efficiently, and adding functionality to guide customers in selecting products through a quiz that presents a series of questions.


  • +32%

    conversion rate

  • +86%


  • +78%


About the business

To enhance the UX of a Shopify store by implementing a redesign, ensuring that the theme operates efficiently, and adding functionality to guide customers in selecting products through a quiz that presents a series of questions.

Custom theme vs. customizing a ready-made theme

Since the Irresistible Me website was outdated, we had two options to choose from: building a custom theme from scratch or customizing a ready-made one. After considering the benefits, drawbacks, and costs of both options specifically for the Irresistible Me store, the client decided to opt for customizing a ready-made theme.

How you can benefit

Choosing between building a theme from scratch and customizing a pre-existing Shopify theme can be tricky. There is no one-size-fits-all answer as it depends on individual needs. While building a complete bespoke theme from scratch may be the only option for some, others may achieve results with just a few customizations to a pre-made theme. The latter option can also be much more cost-effective.

To make a wise decision that will save time and money in the long run, we recommend seeking professional help. Our Custom Development page offers more information on how we can assist you.

Choosing the theme

When choosing a theme for a website, it’s crucial to prioritize functionality and code quality. The first step is to understand what functionality is required and then look for a theme that already includes it. This reduces the amount of development work required, which ultimately lowers costs.

To assist Irresistible Me, we picked several themes that were a great fit for their business and had the necessary functionality. Our developers then assessed the code quality of each theme and chose the best. A theme with clean code makes development more manageable and faster, allowing for quick implementation of changes.

We presented the client with the most suitable themes to choose from, and they ultimately decided on the one that appealed to them visually. By following this process, Irresistible Me was able to significantly reduce the cost of development and future technical maintenance and customizations before the actual development work began.

Update of the old design

To meet our client’s specific needs, we faced the challenge of customizing the chosen theme according to their style while keeping their product specifics in mind. Our aim was to create a website that not only looks great but also facilitates a smooth user experience.

To achieve this, we implemented a user-friendly flow that helps guide visitors through the website and simplifies their decision-making process. This involved developing layouts based on the results of our previous UX study, which we conducted after the theme selection process. 

Our website redesign focused on enhancing the overall user experience, with particular attention given to improving product pages, collections, and user accounts. We also added new functionalities to make product selection easier and adjusted the layout of secondary elements to enhance conversion rates compared to the previous design.

How you can benefit

When designing a layout, it’s wise to start by choosing a theme. Even if a layout looks simple, it can take a lot of time and effort to develop if the theme doesn’t have all the necessary features. By selecting a theme first and designing the surrounding layout, you can save a lot of time and streamline the development process.

If you’re planning a redesign, check out our Store design page. We can provide expert guidance on how to approach the redesign cost-effectively and efficiently.

Quiz functionality for personalized product recommendation

The challenge of this project was to accurately match each buyer’s expectations with the appropriate hair extensions, despite the risk of color distortion due to various factors such as screen brightness, and quality. After consulting with the client, we determined that implementing a quiz feature would be the most effective solution to help buyers make the right choice.

To accomplish this, we designed a specific flow to guide buyers through a series of pages in the store. Each subsequent page is determined by the buyer’s response to the previous quiz question. Ultimately, the buyer receives a personalized recommendation for selecting the most suitable hair extensions to meet their needs.


Through updating their website and integrating a personalized quiz feature, we helped Irresistible Me achieve a faster, more functional, and conversion-oriented website, while also reducing development costs and providing a smooth user experience. Our efforts not only impacted conversions, but also future-proofed the entire website’s functionality and provided industry-based eCommerce insights. To see what our clients say about working with us, check out reviews in our Clutch.

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