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Give your business a boost: switch from Magento to Shopify with SpurIT!

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Planning to move from Magento to Shopify, but don’t know where it might land you? You are probably aware that such a cross-platform shift can significantly revive your store, helping you serve a wider range of customers. However, you might face some hidden risks that can take your time and make the development costs pile up.

Time to panic? No, with SpurIT, your fears and doubts will dispel. Knowledge is power, and with us, you will be aware of each hurdle on the future Magento to Shopify migration. No frustration trying to fix a broken site, no risk of losing your time and money.

Time to switch to a more secure and faster eCommerce platform. Let’s begin!




But first, why would you choose Shopify over other platforms, like Magento?

It has been a long time since Magento was considered the most popular eCommerce solution that served a major share of online merchants. Lack of technical support, security issues, and outdated functionality have forced numerous merchants to consider migrating to more user-friendly and reliable e-shop builders.

Shopify is your reliable partner that makes your business prosper with extremely effective features. What are they? How are they different from Magento?

Let’s cross-compare the two platforms and see why Shopify is worth migrating to.


If you are looking for a less technical solution that will help you concentrate on business development, the Shopify platform is your choice. With the help of SpurIT, you can rebuild your Magento shop, turning it to a secure Shopify shop with a potential to increase sales and develop your business. You will never destroy your sales when moving to Shopify, while a new store will help you push even more orders than on Magento!

No one will deny that the transition from Magento to Shopify is a complex procedure that requires solid preparation. SpurIT can ensure a reliable Magento to Shopify switch for your business! What if we told you that you can become the proud owner of a fully customized Shopify store in a couple of months?

How about all-in-one importers?

The availability of automated Magento-to-Shopify tools on the market may impress you at first sight. Choosing the right developer who will assist the migration of products, discounts, and customer accounts is no easy task. However, not every solution may suit the scope of your business on the Magento platform.


The apps that support the transfer from Magento to Shopify move the data in bulk in a single CSV file. This may be great if you manage a small business. However, if you own a large store with thousands of products, importing the store from Magento to Shopify will turn into serious trouble, as you will have to fix serious issues manually. Sudden issues are likely to occur because of the fundamental differences between Magento and Shopify.

If you decide to use a special app for the Magento to Shopify switch, first ask yourself: will it handle my Magento store, my personal needs, and the needs of my clientele? It may be the easiest way to import all the crucial information within hours, but it may not save you time in the future! All-in-one solutions still require your involvement, no matter how hard you try to escape it.

We at SpurIT definitely know that only a personalized approach to store migration can save a lot of effort for a merchant. We approach each Magento-to-Shopify project individually to ensure a secure, accurate, and reliable migration of the data.

How do we get started with the project?

First, we start by studying all the data that can be possibly migrated to Shopify. This is especially crucial for large stores where configurable products count in the thousands. Our aim is to study each aspect of the Magento store to enable an error-free migration to Shopify.

Due to the differences between the two platforms, and the requirements set by our clients, we tackle the challenges that may occur in each individual case. However, we ensure the reliable migration of the essential business data. What does it include?


What data we will move:


  • Products
  • Collections
  • Orders
  • Discount codes
  • Customers
  • Reviews, blog posts, etc.
  • Redirects
  • Downloadable files, videos, etc.

Some of the possible challenges we may face at this stage:

  • First challenge – password of every customer. We inform our clients that their existing customers will have to change their passwords when we migrate the store to Shopify. Shopify hashing policy doesn’t allow the migration of customer accounts, forcing Shopify newcomers to create new ones.
  • Second challenge – custom order statuses. One of the differences between the two platforms lies in the workflow of order processing. Magento deals with custom order statuses to process orders. For Shopify, custom order statuses are not applicable. We have to implement a different structure to replace custom order statuses on Shopify. One of the possible solutions to this problem is to replace Magento custom order statuses with order tags on Shopify.

This happens because the two platforms have different structures that form the backend. Magento is a fully customized platform, as opposed to Shopify, where ready-made solutions are used as building blocks. We have to deal with different structures on Shopify and Magento when moving the data.


What does it mean for your store?


Shopify will become a new ecosystem for all your products, orders, customers, and discounts. Despite the differences in the two platforms, it is still possible to recreate the design and the custom functionality of a Magento store and replace them with the help of Shopify functionality. We at SpurIT will help you save the crucial business data from a Magento store and integrate it into a brand new Shopify store.

You will know every detail

Personal contact with our customers has always been our top priority. We discuss each aspect of the project with the customer to make sure he or she is aware of the timelines, peculiarities, and the possible issues that may occur. We always inform our customers that it is impossible to replicate a Magento store, but we will recreate it using Shopify structures and its technical potential.


Data migration made easy


After careful examination of the requirements of the customer, we launch the data migration to Shopify.

We use a special tool customized for your needs

To ensure a swift Magento to Shopify switch, we developed a special app that helps us automate the process of data migration. This tool is easy to customize and set up once we’ve taken into account the necessities of each client and the details of each case. Our developers customize the app to make data migration as quick and easy as possible.

About the app. We are proud to have developed the tool that can solve the issues of data migration. The app is not for sale, although it does require individual settings for each customer. We never aimed to develop a universal all-in-one tool that will help Magento users migrate to Shopify. We believe that it is impossible to ensure a reliable switch between the two platforms using just one automated tool!

Once the data migration from Magento is complete, we are ready to tidy up the design and functionality of a new Shopify store.

How we will develop a Shopify store for you

As a Shopify newcomer, it is possible that you will not know what to expect from the new platform for your business. We will take care of the possible issues caused by the different architectures of Magento and Shopify to ensure a fast switch. The new features of the Shopify store are quick to roll out with the right setup and a personalized approach.


What we will do for your store


1. We configure the theme

Shopify includes free and paid themes that you are likely to have chosen yourself. We will take into account your preferences, and customize the Shopify theme you have chosen for the needs of your business.


2. We set up third-party integrations

If you previously used third-party integration services on Magento, it is possible to preserve and implement them on Shopify too. Third-party services are extremely helpful to support:

  • marketing and analytics
  • order management
  • business management (accounting, etc)
  • fulfillment management,
  • etc.

Integration tools for Shopify may cover the needs of your store and ensure a fast error-free switch from Magento. However, some third-party services do not have a ready-made solution for a seamless integration with Shopify – and we will develop a solution from scratch in each particular case.


We are ready to preserve the functionality of your Magento store!


One of the previous projects dealt with a complex payment procedure on Magento. When migrating to Shopify, the client wanted to save the groups of customers that he had utilized at a Magento store: VIP and ordinary users. VIP users paid an X subscription fee to gain access to special prices (or discounted prices).

Taking into account the requirements of the customer, we started to develop a solution that would integrate seamlessly with the Shopify platform. We took time developing a payment option that would create a smooth checkout experience for customers.

We integrated a system called “Braintree” that implemented a subscription-based payment option. This system was used to grant a user a VIP status. The new Shopify store had two checkout services: a standard one – Shopify payments (to serve standard payments except for recurring subscriptions), and “Braintree” payments to charge a subscription from VIP customers.

The two checkouts were visually identical for both groups of customers. No differences in them were noticeable–only from the technical perspective. We recreated the two payment options that existed on the Magento store and integrated them seamlessly on Shopify.

We set up Shopify apps

The client chooses the list of apps that he is going to use on his new store. We set up and personalize each app for each client, customizing them individually. We take care of everything: from store design to payment options, from discount campaigns to reviews, etc.


We prepare the shop to go live

After the transition from Magento and setting up the functionality of a new Shopify store, we are ready to launch a new store with our client. With our service, you will not have to worry that the website will go down. Your new Shopify store will always be available while we carefully match old URLs from Magento to the new URLs in Shopify.

We provide operational support

Since our customers can launch their stores at any time, from different time zones, we have support 24/7. We are always ready to help each customer. We are ready to solve every problem that may occur when the shop goes live. Operational problem solving is what stands behind our company’s values!

Fast transition from Magento to Shopify

We strongly believe that a smooth and pain-free shift from Magento to Shopify is possible despite any challenges that might occur! As you see, migration from Magento to Shopify takes time especially if you own a large store with thousands of clients and orders. Depending on your requirements, the procedure may take anywhere between two weeks to several months.

We assess the possible timeframes of each project and are ready to justify every hour of the development work individually. Team SpurIT has vast expertise in many different aspects of eCommerce development. We always reflect on our previous mistakes and consider them thoroughly to speed up the process of migration to Shopify.

Migrate your Magento to Shopify with SpurIT!

SpurIT is ready to streamline:

  • Business data migration
  • Setup of apps
  • Third-party integration setup
  • Design implementation
  • Development of custom functionality

Ready to launch a store on Shopify?

With SpurIT, site migration turns into a hurdle-free journey to a money making business! We will take care of your transactions, customers, orders, and any other information on your Magento store!

There is no risk of losing your crucial business data or public image. All you need is to do is make a decision to move to Shopify and contact our representative. What are you waiting for? Become a successful Shopify retailer right now!

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