Every project needs a clear strategy. We are working hard to fully
understand your business and your customers to
offer the best solution for the short and long term growth.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Increasing sales is a top priority for all online stores. Our SEO team is always up to date on all changes to ensure the best results for your company in Google search queries.

You’ll get:
  •    Traffic and sales increase
  •    A well-structured website
  •    Attractive website snippets on Google organic search

SEO services
Paid Advertising


Using various methods, we create and manage Google Ads, Instagram, and Facebook Ad campaigns to maximize your online presence and income.

You’ll get:
  •    Web traffic boost
  •    First sales in the first week
  •    Brand awareness

Other Marketing Services


We focus our B2B/B2C marketing agency capacities on understanding the current situation in your business, where you are going, and everything that may hinder you. From there, we can work together to plan and implement the perfect solution.


Even when it comes to the Internet marketing agency services we provide, SpurIT is as multipurpose as it gets – we will take control of all the promotional channels of your business. Combined, such channels as SEO, advertising, and CRO work much more efficiently.

Theme Setup

The range of Shopify themes is extremely large. Our team has a long experience with various themes and knows their advantages and disadvantages. We will help you not only to choose a Shopify theme that will satisfy your requests, but also fix all the bugs in it.


At the heart of each project lies design. We create a visual language that reflects who you are as a company and apply it to the elements that make up the user journey you provide. Good design always translates a good understanding of the end user and their goals.


At this stage, your project begins to take shape. We plan all the content that needs to be written, edited, designed or illustrated, and fill in the blanks.

Make Store Tweaks

The increase of conversion rates is a huge priority for online businesses. CRO combines technical and creative technologies, turning random visitors into paying customers. As Shopify CRO experts, we are here to take care of all CRO requirements for you.


Over the past 9 years we had the pleasure to participate in thousands
of eCommerce company projects of various complexity levels & from different niches.

SEO  •  Advertising  •  Customization

An online store of specialized fridges and equipment for storing wine and other beverages.

Kingsbottle - online marketing case
Arnobernard - online marketing case


A well-known African manufacturer of collectible knives faced with the problem of inability to advertise their product due to restrictions on advertising weapons.

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