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Shopify and Amazon Sales Channels

How Shopify and Amazon Sales Channels are Wired Together for Greater Success of your Store

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To start with a cliché: Amazon is the reigning king of the eCommerce world. With the ever-increasing number of global buyers and sellers, Amazon is showing no signs of slowing down.

Amazon Shopify integration is one of the most excellent ways to build brand visibility and boost sales. Not surprisingly, a large number of sellers are trying to expand their presence on Amazon.

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7 things you should stop outsourcing if you want to stop costs

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Outsourcing is beneficial for every organization. Through outsourcing, companies can increase output, improve efficiency and get expert help without hiring. However, not all business tasks should be outsourced to outside parties. Some business processes will run more smoothly and even cost the company less if they are handled within the company. This article highlights some of the key things you should stop outsourcing if you want to stop costs. Read More

How to promote your eСommerce store?

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Whether you’re just starting out with your business, or you’ve reached a point where you have a dedicated list of customers, you’ll need a solid promotional plan for your eСommerce store. Additionally, statistics say that 69.2% of customers often abandon the cart even after hovering on your website for a long time.

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