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Fast and furious ways to make money on Shopify

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Big sales come to those who are ready to fill every corner of their soul with knowledge. This knowledge can give you an advantage and simplify the road to skyrocketing sales. However, without the attention of the public, you are doomed to be a blip in a crowd of first-time entrepreneurs. A successful business is impossible without audiences that are in love with amazing products of a superb quality that come from your store.

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How to estimate demand for a new product: is there a market for it?

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The world has seen myriads of product ideas that turned into a nightmare for first-time entrepreneurs. Struggling to get new customers, they lost money, time, and energy to market the products and stabilize the company’s budget. Focusing on their own perception of what their customers wanted, business owners neglected the crucial factor that stands behind the success: the factual demand for your product.

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Discover the New Features of the Bulk Discount Manager

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We want your store to utilize every opportunity to hit its customers with seductive prices. That is why our team has invested such great effort to update the Bulk Discount Manager Shopify app, one of the most effective tools for Shopify merchants. Since its original launch, we’ve served hundreds of merchants who have experienced the impact of discounts on their revenue. However, we embrace the idea of further improving the Bulk Discount Manager.

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How to Use Pinterest for Business

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Over recent years, Pinterest has become one of the major hubs for business activity, rivaling even social network giants like Facebook. With the added business page feature, using this rapidly growing social media platform is a great way to promote your business. However, Pinterest is different from other online services, and using it for business may be complicated for newcomers. So, we have come up with several tips on how to use Pinterest for business, its special features, and ways to make the most of them.

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Shopify Dropshipping Guide: What Dropshipping Is and How to Start Doing It Correctly

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Practically every merchant has heard of the term “dropshipping”. Dropshipping is a business model that lets entrepreneurs sell stuff without dealing with their own inventory and shipment. How does dropshipping work? A seller collaborates with some goods’ supplier and places his products on the seller’s website. As soon as an order is received, the seller hands it over to the supplier, who performs the delivery.

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