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How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Program for Your Shopify Store

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It takes all sorts of action to win over the minds of prospective customers. With advertising costs plummeting every year, the struggle for better conversions often leads to more cost-effective ways to achieving that goal. Paid traffic needs significant investment that is difficult to pay off on your Shopify store. You need to manage to land a sufficient number of sales to make a profit, which is no easy task.

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A Shopify success case for every entrepreneur to repeat

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Hi, I am John K., Shopify Kids store owner. 

The first point I’d like to get across is that there should be a healthy understanding that the incorporation of some app or another will barely boost your growth, let alone bring an immediate success, whereas the involvement of a proper, efficient combination of apps can boost your store’s profit significantly.

All in all, I take Black Friday as a reference point and a perfect environment for statistical data analysis and recommend trying out the following strategy in your regular business management schedule.

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Customer Dedication

Best Customer Loyalty Programs – How to Make the Most of Customer Dedication

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It has already been proven that not only does the number of customers matter but also the amount of returning buyers. The reasons for this conclusion are clearly visible: loyal customers spend more money on an order and tend to make them more frequently while ordinary clients can abandon your store any time. This leads us to the necessity of creating a successful customer loyalty program that will motivate buyers to remain your customers for a long time. Read More

Increase Sales

How to Flirt with a Customer to Increase Sales

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Psychology and marketing have lots of connection points. The similarity is rather obvious: real psychologists have patients while retailers have to deal with customers. It is difficult to captivate the attention of visitors on a website. Especially now, when people are used to tons of various commercial offers they get every day. Some potential customers will not even read your advertising messages. This is why it is important to know basic psychology and little psychology tricks to attract and focus the attention.

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Simple Rules for Guest Posting on Our Blog

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Guest posts are an incredibly powerful tool for online business promotion. They contribute to business growth, boost your traffic and raise your brand awareness. From now on we will accept guest posts from other writers from time to time. For them to be effective and reach their original goals, the posts must meet several requirements. We have compiled some rules on guest posts that will facilitate our cooperation in this field and make sure your blog articles are acceptable.

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