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Being the first step to conversion, the “Add to cart” button is one of the most important elements on the Shopify platform. It has standard wording and size and is displayed on the product page of any Shopify store by default. To edit the button, you need either go to your theme’s editor or modify your theme’s code. Which way to choose depends on the type of customizations you’d like to make.

Theme editor allows changing the wording of the button from the language settings of your theme. The exact location may differ in each theme but should be available in most cases. 

Editing your theme’s code is necessary to implement other changes to the button, like changing its look or placement, or adding multiple “Add to cart” buttons. In this case, you need to modify the code of your theme from the Shopify admin. The “Add to cart” button code samples can be found on Shopify Community threads, but we strongly recommend using them only if you have some background in coding, as each theme has its specifics that must be considered.

We can help you implement the changes you might need quickly and easily. No time-consuming communication, no hassle, no bugs, just the results you need. Simply order the small task, and our team of experienced Shopify developers will do the job, so you can focus on growing the business!

Please kindly note that the price can change based on your specific requirements.

1 review for Edit Shopify “Add to Cart” button

  1. Sarah Frymire

    Spurit company really helped me save time and money had changing add to cart button on my website. I would use them again and highly recommend it to anyone I know.

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