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Adding “Add to cart” button on Shopify

“Add to cart” button is one of the most important elements on the Shopify platform, as it’s the first step to conversion. By default it’s displayed on the product page of any store, but to add one or multiple “Add to cart” buttons on a collection page, you need to edit code from your Shopify admin.

To remove, hide or replace “Add to cart” button you will simply need to return to the page template and delete or change the code you inserted.

The “Add to cart” button code samples can be found on Shopify Community threads.

Changing “Add to cart” button on Shopify

If you want to edit the “Add to cart” button, the only way to do that is to edit the code of your store.

Custom “Add to cart” button on Shopify

So to change the color of “Add to cart button” or add text to it (or customize the text, by changing “Add to cart” to “Buy now” for example) you need to go to the Shopify admin and update the liquid code from there.

Generally, all customization of the button requires code updates. So if you want to customize the button’s look or the way it works (like set up a redirect from “Add to cart” button or make your customers stay on page after clicking on it), you’ll definitely need a bit of custom coding.

Sticky “Add to cart” button on Shopify

Sticky (or floating) “Add to cart” button will boost the sales of your store by making it easier for the customer to place an order. To enable them, you can install an app from the Shopify App Store and customize the button from there.

There’s also a possibility to make a shaking “Add to cart” button. To make “Add to cart” shake on Shopify, you again need to edit the code of your store.

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  1. Sarah Frymire

    Spurit company really helped me save time and money had changing add to cart button on my website. I would use them again and highly recommend it to anyone I know.

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