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There are two ways to add buttons to a Shopify store — with or without editing the theme’s code, and both of them have their pros and cons.

Edit the theme’s code

Adding buttons in most cases requires some coding. You can do it from the theme editor in the admin panel, which contains all code for your theme.

Although the basic principles of are the same, there are some specifics in each case that mostly depend on:

  • what type of button you’d like to add;
  • where on the website you’d like it to be;
  • the theme you are using. 

This way may be hard for store owners without coding skills and may require some trial and error along the way.

Use an app

To avoid the coding part, you may also want to install the app to add certain buttons to a Shopify store. In this case everything is much easier — you just need to choose and install an app. Everything else depends on the app settings. In the majority of cases, the apps have a recurring charge, which adds up in the long run.

Use a professional development team

It’s always better to hand the job to professionals instead of spending hours on learning how to do it on your own or paying monthly for the job that can be done just once.

We can help you:

  • Add “Add to Cart” button;
  • Add “Back to the Top” button;
  • Add “Buy on Amazon” button;
  • Add “Buy” button;
  • Add “Popup” button;
  • Add any “Call to Action” button.

Fill in the form and get the job done quickly and efficiently. Just hand on the development tasks to us and save time for growing your business instead!

Please kindly note that the price can change based on your specific requirements.

4 reviews for Shopify Buttons

  1. Arlene Soliz

    Kirill helped me add the necessary buttons to the product pages that my theme did not provide. It came out cheaper than if I paid for the application monthly.

  2. Brett Christensen

    SpurIT done good job. They are extremely knowledgeable and understand exactly what their client wants done.

  3. Analiza Ayala

    I got my sticky buy button and social sharing buttons. Very fast job completion. I recommend this company!

  4. Manuel Guerrero

    I got exactly what I asked for and more. Quality work!

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