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There are several ways to add a custom product section to any page of your Shopify store. This functionality can be available in your theme by default, added via an app, or coded into the theme. Let’s walk through all of them.

Use default theme settings

The easiest way to start is to check out the default settings of your theme. The functionality of different themes is also different, so you may find out that the feature you need is already available in the theme you are currently using. For example, the majority of the paid themes have a carousel section — all you need is just choose the required options in the theme editor.   

Use an app

If your theme lacks a particular feature, but you’d like to stay with it, another option would be to use an app from the Shopify App Store. There are many apps that offer custom product section functionality, you just need to choose the most suitable one and install it into your store. 

Edit the theme’s code

Most of the apps apply recurring charges, so coding the required functionality into the theme once and for all can be a better long-term business move. In this case, your theme’s code is modified so that you have the functionality you need simply built into the theme. As every theme has its specifics, it would be better to leave the coding to professionals, so that the store’s performance would not be affected in any way.

We can help you:

  • Add carousel section;
  • Add reviews section;
  • Add section with tabs;
  • Add static reviews to section.

Just order a small task and have the job done quickly and effectively! It’s the best and hassle-free way to get the results you need. 

Please kindly note that the price can change based on your specific requirements.

4 reviews for Shopify Product section

  1. Melissa Johnson

    I am very happy with my experience and the job that was done for me. Thank you again!

  2. Ryan J. Toland

    The guys quickly and without any problems added a custom section of products to the home page of my shopify store. They also showed how to manage it. Everything was done smoothly and beautifully. And if I need help again, I will no doubt turn to SpurIT.

  3. Chris Wood

    I needed to display products on the pages of my store’s blog. Kirill and his team embedded the products exactly the way I wanted, and it’s all very easy to manage. Working with him was a really enjoyable experience! I got the necessary functionality, excellent communication, a lot of useful information and valuable advice at a very reasonable price.

  4. Jordan Olson

    Completed on time and extremely professional.

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